Your top 5 favorite tools of your trade

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by SkunkWoodz, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. For me, doing wood stuff I like sharp things
    1.  Pencil and paper
    2.  Pocket knife
    3.  Curved chisels
    4.  Belt sander
    5.  dremel
    Out of my bajjillion tools, those are my most used/favorite.  So what are yours?

  2. I do outdoor photography and tend to be in harsh cold weather while shooting
    1. Camera
    2. Photoshop
    3. Boots
    4. Longjohns
  3. Since I do a lot of personal quotes all I need is:
    1. BlackBerry

    And I'm pretty happy with it.
  4. I use way more than five tools for my work but I'll put them into groups
    for furniture-
    1. measuring tools / squares + big pencil
    2. 3 different kinds of saws (chop saw, table saw, Japanese saw)
    3. drill press + power drill 
    4. router + chisels
    5. clamps 
    and whole other mess of things I use for lutherie and other woodwork.
  5. I'm a sushi chef.

    Yoshihiro yanagi kasumi at 300 mm.
    Konosuke sujihiki fuji at 270 mm.
    Konosuke gyuto Fuji at 270 mm.
    Assortment of water stones.
    Bamboo rolling mats, i make a shitton of rolls since I'm in Ca.
    Can I ask what poker knife? Sort of a pocket knife hobbyist.
  6. As a jack of many trades I'm not sure what to post here so....I'll do my main 3

    Cats claw
    Razor knife
    And chalk line

    Glass blowing

    Claw grabbers
    marver paddle

    Fire spining

    Slick bucket
    fire extinguisher
    Denim pants
    Spyderco tenacious, since I lost my bitchin delica II
  8. I have 4 spydercos.
    Karahawk, matriarch2, and 2 southards.
    They sure know how to make fun knives.
  9. Fisticuffs
    Koala bears
    Birds and bees

    These are my trades. I now master life. Lol
  10. A metal cutting lathe is my favorite.
    Next is a torch.
  11. Well this'll be odd:
    Wildlife Services
    1. Tent
    2. Rifle
    3. Knife
    4. Atv with tow trailer
    5. My logbook.
  12. I thought this thread was about artists and their tools.
    Spyderco has certainly turned me loyal towards their brand.  Now if I could just not lose them lol!
  14. Yeah I actually lost the karahawk.

    I'm more of a chris reeve fan. Such quality. Not as fun to play with, but definetly I have pride in using them.

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