Your Top 10 Hip Hop groups

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  1. My top 10:
    1.Little Brother
    3. Atmosphere
    5.The Roots
    8. People Under The Stairs
    9. Gang Starr
    10. N.W.A

    What yours?
  2. Jedi mind tricks
    People under the stairs
    La coka nostra
    Heavy metal kings
    Tribe called questa
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    I forgot all about ATCQ.
    I feel ashamed.
    They're normally in my top 5. I'm not thinking straight today
  4. wow..props for putting LB first..Te is one of my favorite rappers.
  5. Does it have to be groups? I dunno if I could rate 10 of them against each other, but it'd be like...

    1. Wu-Tang
    2. Gang Starr
    3. the rest
  6. no order really

    Deltron 3030
    Binary Star
    Freestyle Fellowship
    Dr. Octagon (if you consider Kool Keith + Dan a group)
    Ultramagnetic MC's
  7. agree with pretty much everything in here.

    i would add bone thugs n harmony though.

    are duo's considered groups? i always thought a group was 3+.
    anyways since people are throwing down duo's, outkast and mobb deep should be in consideration.
  8. Kool Keith is essentially his own group, so yes, how could you not? :)
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    In no order after Wu-Tang

    1)Wu-Tang Clan

    The Pharcyde
    Tha Alkaholiks
    The Roots
    The Lootpack
    Tribe Called Quest
    Tha Dogg Pound

    edit: I forgot Blackstar....shame on me...
  10. 1. Outkast
    2. Wu Tang Clan
    3. Hieroglyphics
    4. The Roots
    5. Blackstar
    6. The Pharcyde
    8. Binary Star
    9. Wax and Herbal T
    10. Juggaknots
  11. Not one of you manages to weasel Cypress in?
  12. dude, be real.

  13. 1. Organized Konfusion
    2. Madvillain
    3. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
    4. Gang Starr
    5. Eric B & Rakim
    6. Wu-Tang Clan
    7. De La Soul
    8. The Pharcyde
    9. Souls of Mischief
    10. Reflection Eternal

    7-10 can be swapped out for Goodie Mob, Binary Star, Digable Planets, A Tribe Called Quest and others depending on my mood, just feeling them more at the moment.

    And for good reasons.
  14. Rick Ross *****s

  15. One of the most oft imitated groups, their early style has had huge influence. The first album and a half is nigh on flawless. You could make a strong case for Black Sunday to be considered a classic, their self titled début is top 20 of all time. I see Binary Star and Souls of Mischief up there, they have 2 great albums between them. I don't quite comprehend how they can be so underrated on a marijuana smoking site?

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