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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by joshy, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. Thinking about this earlier today since I'm out of herb. Do any of yall have a song that when you hear it, instantly makes you think of the times you smoke herb? Mine is most definately Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry", its like theres a joint between my fingers when I'm listening to it. Anyone else experince this?
  2. its gotta be jimi thing by Dave for me...

    Day is gone I'm on my back
    Staring up at the ceiling
    I take a drink sit back relax
    Smoke my mind makes me feel
    Better for a short time
    What I want is what I've not got
    What I need is all around me
    Reaching searching never stop
    And I'll say

    If you could keep me floating just for a while...

    esp when I hear it live. flooded memories of toking at concets make me just wanna go out on my lawn, crank up a bootleg on the cdplayer and smoke a joint. :p

    aaaaah...good times.
  3. Three songs for me. The first two are 'Buffalo Soldier' by Bob Marley and 'Fairies Wear Boots' by Black Sabbath 'cos I always listen to them when I'm stoned. The third is 'Night Comes, Blood Black' by At The Gates because the scream at the start scared the shit out of me one time when I was really wasted.
  4. first up from the early days of when i started toking @ rogs place with the whole central gang who used to come around Leslie, Andrew, Iain, Butler, Dezzy, Johnathan, Dan, etc...

    the tune was (and IS of crouse):
    Aquarius by Boards of Canada.

    then when i started getting the piss ripped too much (mainly by johnathan just cos he's such a psycho nutcase) i switched to another croud that were still friends with all those guys, but probably heavier tokers at the time, with Jeff, Jen, Jack (who i recently met again! nothing like meeting long lost buddies in the street) Amelia, Romily, and all the others who came and went to our 24/7 smoke outs. (it was here that i aquired my pasion for Soul Calibur)

    the song was (and IS of course):

    Moby, My weakness.

    Then when i was down in Dundee wit the guys down there Tom, Ewan, Bones, Neil, Bry, Gaz, Warren, crazy Nick (the greek), Paul, Tim, and all the etceteras... there were ALOT of mad tunes on the go, but i suppose the ONE that brings back the memories the most (there are dozens of great club tunes too tho) would have to be:

    Cypress Hill, Hits from the bong! :D

    (an honourable mention goes to the Conan Drums too!)
    (there are also many others from when i was livin wit bones and neil.)

    for the purposes of leaving everyone in anonymity all names have been changed. ;) or have they? lol.
  5. without a doubt...

    Peeni Walli by Eek-A-Mouse

    even if im not stoned... and i hear that song... i feel stoned...

    its wonderful

    sometimes when i have no weed i just listen to that song and smoke a hand rolled cigarette...

    i get the same sorta feel
  6. low end theroy cd by a tribe called quest. i listened to that cd for a week straight in 5th period after i got high at lunch everday for a week
  7. yea alot of songs i hear remind me of when i toke.. i toke to alot of songs.... sublime always reminds me of smokin and nirvana!
  8. "when the world ends" by dave matthews.....
    "when the world ends, WE'LL BE BURNIN ONE"
    i was smokin during that song at my first dave show, kicked ass

    also burn one down by ben harper, and smoke 2 joints by sublime (but those are no-brainers)
  9. i want to get high! high!

    nuff said

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