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  1. bit confused on what could be going on , any advice would be appreciated
    These photo's are from yesterday ,I'll upload the ones from today once i get some feedback

    Age .. 10th july 2017 - 28 days old from seed

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  2. Is that an auto or photo strain plant?
    How often are you watering and are you in soil or coco?
  3. Are you feeding any nutes?
    May be low on magnesium. Leaves tend to yellow up when they're low on magnesium. The stems seem very full of leaves, so I'm guessing your light source is sufficient. I would work on doing some LST (low stress training) your yield could increase a lot with some simple organization.
    Make sure you're using at least 5 gal pots. The bigger the pot you use, the more potential your plants have to get big.
  4. hi did your plants turn out ,,,,if you got any pictures id like to see how they turned ,,,,they were looking not to bad ,,,,,mac,
  5. They turned out really nice and big way bigger then i planed they ended up 1.6-1.8 meters, i dont have any pic sorry

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