Your Thoughts On the One, the Only, the Legendary F.D.R ?

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    I'll never understand why this man has been so highly regarded across several decades as one of our greatest leaders.

    I don't even know where to start...signing the gold reserve act second month in office, trying to spend us out of a depression, detaining and imprisoning Japanese Americans, attempting to overhaul the Supreme Court when they were trying to protect the Constitution...I mean, does anyone actually like this guy?

    Gotta admit, his cousin was pretty badass though...
  2. Replace Japanese Americans with Muslims and I think he'd probably be considered the front runner by today's standards.
  3. Public education is good at putting out a specific narrative.

  4. FDR's legacy epitomizes the old saying, "History is written by the douchebags".

    It is certainly no coincidence that FDR and Lincoln are always at the top of the "Greatest President's" list.
  5. FDR imo was easily one of the worst Presidents we ever had.
  6. Teddy was a gangster, this guy....not so much.
  7. i used to use a quote of his i love in my cover letters trying to show i wouldnt be wasting time and getting to the point:

    "Be sincere; be brief; be seated"
  8. While it may have been WWII that inevitably ended the Great Depression, I would without a doubt agree that FDR was one of America's greatest presidents. He saw the economy was gone to hell, saw that the working man was suffering, and attempted to alleviate their suffering and fix the economy (whether the attempts were successful or not) unlike Hoover who sat around and waited on the economy to fix itself. As a stoner who has likely had to resort to getting in the game at some point in your smoking career (if you're like most stoners I know), you should know that making money typically requires spending money. While the economy may fix itself over a long period of time (when Big Corporate America isn't as greedy as they are today...motherfuckin bastards), I see no problem with the government using their money to attempt to alleviate the suffering of the 99%. Where would the old and the handicapped be today without Social Security (even if it does get abused like living hell)? Where would your money be if it wasn't for the FDIC insuring the banks that are willing to hold onto it?

    Not even to mention that FDR made the government more public than ever before. Few presidents before FDR ever gave the slightest damn to let the public know what was going on in the nation, yet through his "fire-side chats" over the radio, FDR tried to at least let the public know what's up in THEIR country.

    FDR was a great president and brought about ideas that changed the face of American politics. While I may no longer support Obama because he's a pussy when it comes to "terrorists" (really only criminals that we're letting 'win' by being afraid. They don't deserve a special name) and thinks they're a big enough threat to try and overrule our constitutional rights, I wholeheartedly support the way he's attempted to use government programs to boost the economy and rework the health care system in attempt to alleviate the suffering of those who can't afford it (once again, whether successful or not), just like FDR.

  9. Stopped reading here. You are a product of government propaganda, aka public education.

    Hoover wasn't even close to a free market guy. The New Deal that you love so much mostly all started under Hoover. FDR even ran on the platform of stopping Hoover's excessive spending and meddling in the economy. He was attacked as bringing socialism to America.

    Of course FDR then won and just continued the same policies.

    Exhibit A: The Smoot - Hawley Tarriff Act passed by Hoover. He was anything but a free market, hands off guy. Not even remotely close.

    Also WWII didn't get us out of the depression.
  10. And the most common view.

    When I was ignorant , I thought the "New Deal" was good thing to.... Oh how much Ive learned...

    Looks like Lay Low has this on lock down.
  11. FDR's economic policies were not set up for the working man anymore than Obama's, it was written by and for large corporations. The President of General Election Gerard Swope came up with the NRA... and look who's still working at the white house?

    In case you didn't know, the goal of the NRA was to eliminate the evils of competition, to which FDR later lamented in 1938, "The American economy has become a concealed cartel system... the disappearance of price competition is one of the primary causes of the present difficulties". Yay for GE! :rolleyes:

    And the New Deal was a huge failure.

    Why the New Deal Sucked My Balls
    by aaronman
  12. When is spending billions of dollars on a war ever considered good for the economy? FDR got rid of the gold standard and borrowed the country out of the depression, leaving Truman and every President after him with the burden of a an implied deficit. Hoover didn't want to put the country in debt in order to create a good name for himself. Any President can just inflate the currency and the leave the problem for future generations.

    That's when you're investing. Spending money on wars and welfare is a one-way street; you never make that money back.

    Every economy goes through business cycles - it's the way things work. You can't spend yourself out of economic troubles. All you can do is deregulate and wait for consumer confidence and capital investments to bounce back.

    The government needs to stop inflating our currency, that's what really hurts the older generation. Their savings are fixed and we place a burden on the retired population when we devalue the dollar.

    The FDIC is a scam. Under FDIC regulations, banks can loan out 10x more money than they have and collect interest on all of that money without actually doing any work. Without the FDIC, private companies would simply insure banks.

    Those fireside chats were nothing more than war propaganda and an attempt to generate support for his poorly thought-out "New Deal". He was good at rallying public support, but that doesn't really count for much.

    :confused: what kind of philosophy is that?? History tells us that this kind of government entitlement system just doesn't work, why would we keep trying it?

    The problem with healthcare is that it's TOO regulated. To become a doctor you need a Federal certification, State certification, AMA certification - all that drives up the cost of their education and the cost of their salary and ultimately hurts the consumer.

    Another point is insurance regulations. Very few specialists are allowed to make patients sign a non-liability waiver so most doctors have to pay exorbitant costs on insurance in order to be covered in case of a lawsuit. Again, drives up cost, benefits the insurance companies, not us.

    Not to mention the pharmaceutical industry...
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    The nation elected FDR four times. Times were very, very hard during the Great Depression. If you don't know what truly hard times are like then you're lucky - and I include myself among the lucky. Due to his accomplishments, FDR is considered by many to be the greatest president of the 20th century, and I can't disagree with that. The New Deal worked, and saved the country.
  14. Mass murdering control freak
  15. The second worst president ever! Behind Lincoln
  16. Although they all sucked while in power ... Even Jefferson
  17. Martin Van Buren and Grover Cleveland were good imo. Those are my 2 favorite Presidents.
  18. franklin delano roosevelt is a legend because he killed more people than any parapellegic in recent history.
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    I doubt that most people think of FDR as a "killer". Hirohito, Stalin, Mao and Hitler were light years ahead of FDR, as far as the amount of people each of them killed.
  20. [quote name='"garrison68"']
    I doubt that most people think of FDR as a "killer". Hirohito, Stalin, Mao and Hitler were light years ahead of FDR, as far as the amount of people each of them killed.[/quote]

    ......but they had the use of their legs!

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