Your thoughts on My Rookie Setup

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dank Dadda, Nov 17, 2002.

  1. I have a just built a grow closet that is 3.75ft wide X 1.75ftlong = 6.56sqft. I have nine plants about 17 days old in 6 inch pots under 7X20watts flouros..... The lights are a brand called Lights of America which claim to ouput 75 watts of light. ( I dont belive their marketing and I'm assuming that I have 140 watts of lights not 525).... . I'd love to know some veteran thoughts on if my plants can make it.

    When I go to flower I have 5 females. ... The plants were purchased from a seedbank...
  2. The best thing you can do is buy a 400w HPS light and grow with that. Also take those stupid flo's and break everyone of those fuckers. They will grow you nothing but small, fluffy shit for bud. .....why does everyone new gorw with flo's is it just me or am I isane in the membrane.....
  3. picture updates by me on the main page...

    not everyone wishes to spend the initial cost of an expensive light when just starting off, it brings on many new aspects to have to look out for also... fluoros can produce fine yeilds, for a small personal grow. some of us just dont have the money... dude.

    for starting out, its best to learn and go slow, build a knowledge and experience base and then move on to bigger, better and more expensive things...if you find its what you want to do....

    ave atque vale.
  4. Since reading these forums, seems every week I keep adding lights to my grow room. Also my grow room keeps getting larger. I started with 4 x 40 watt flors then added 150 Watt HPS then another 150 Watt HPS , then a 150 watt ceiling mounted grpow light. yesterday I bought yet another HPS.
    1/2 my plants are 4 - 6 weeks old and others are 2 weeks.
    1 is 4 months.

    When you say you can't have enough or too much light I take that as truth.We shall see.
    This is my first serious grow.
    After buying smoke for better then 35 years I can fianlly put those old seeds to use.
    I have found some seeds that have to be in the area of 20 yrs old.
    They spout at the rate of 1 out of 50 and take 10 - 15 days to sprourt.
    Bottom line is if we are trying to replicate the suns can't have enought or too much light..
    But pay attention the heat buildup.

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