your thoughts on my art.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by iam matt, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. heres some of my paintings, i paint on my spare time and especially when im high lol

    whatchall think?

  2. keep working on whatever inspired you to do the middle one. .

    im diggin it. . .

    kinda looks like Pedobear
  3. I love that third one. IDK why, but I do.
  4. i like the first one...
    its more abstract..
    keep workin:wave:
  5. They're all good, but I really like the first one. There's just something awesome about it. Keep it up!

  6. haha pedobear... i want a shirt with him on it lol

    but dang really? thx haha i hate every single painting i do besides like 1 or 2 but yeah most people who see my work tend to to like the 3rd one (with the colorful back ground)

    and im suprized somone liked the 1st one, no ones ever said anything about it, i have like 2 more like that ... hell ill post more pictures haha:smoking:

    (shitty sidekick picture)

  7. we all feel that way, sooner or later youll get over it and not have problems sellin things you did even though you cant fathom anybody being interested in your art
  8. i hate everything i do as well hah. but just keep that imagination flowin. youve got some good dark original concepts
  9. hahah well damn

    :p:smoke::wave::hello:FUCKAS RAVEN!!!!!!!! can you feel the bass?!?!:hello::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. not my taste but good
  11. for sure thx for everyones in put it means a lot and gives me more confedince this up coming school year, i believe i start at the Art Institute of California in Santa Monica
  12. Haha that cat painting is sick man.
  13. I'm really digging the style man. I enjoyed all of them. How many have you painted?

    Which one or two do you actually like?
  14. uh idk i have like maybe 20 canvas paintings and a bunch of drawings in sketch books and shit

    the ones i like is the gold one that looks like the pedo bear and the one with the pretty back ground haha idk and theres some others that are gone that i really liked
  15. Seriously i no u were high but still its amazing how people can think of abstract shit like this i try to do it but i never get any good ideas lol but hey u can try to make shirts with those like someone else said i no i would buy them

    crazy shirts

  16. yeah dude imaginary is fuckin tight, i have a couple of their shirts they always trip me out to look at

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