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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Headhunterpipes, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. The betrayal is an art form..

    Each of us has a candid and kindred spirit..

    All of spirit is spiritual..and has spiritual potential..which is the human...body and soul..and mind..
    We all live within the soul..and the mind and the body.. Which is in everything we do..or is otherwise a communication vehicle..from which we all preach and stand along the watch tower so to speak..which is our own stand..that we must communicate what The Holy Spirit tells us to communicate..because it is righteous..and fablely the rite and crusade of the Holy Land of Jesus..which is in the middle should be fought for..via religious proliferation..and each of us can carry a sword..and play for the right word of the Lord! Each of us has a unique and profigurative and a Holy Covenant with the Holy Grail..the Ark of the Covenant..and the Holy Land itself...which is the crusade for Christ! Which is as Holy as a miracle..which is why lands are divided in these ways today! Each of us has a Christ..inside and out..which is the Holy Miracle itself..and we each have a Christ mind..which adds up to the Sonship.or otherwise soul of the world..or Sun spot/stain..which is what light does to things.. It burns and etches on to things..and that's when yellow turns black..which is a cigarette stain..or burn to speak..

    Mark 12:16
    out of the Dragons mouth so to speak!

  2. is there God in HEAVEN?
  3. Probably..or something resembling close to Heaven..!
  4. My thought of the day (everyday)

    "And no, I don't mix tobacco in it" IMG_20181108_163001.jpg

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