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Your thoughts in the morning

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CyclicDreams, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Anyone else have some crazy thoughts in the morning when you wake up? I feel really philosophical in the morning. Like I usually have a ton of random thoughts, but in the morning it seems like an abundance of thoughts about life. I have so many thoughts when I wake up sometimes, I'm thinking about writing them down. Or for that sake, just writing down my random ass thoughts anytime in a small journal that I can fit in my back pants like a wallet. Anyone else do this or want to?
  2. my thoughts in the morning:

    what the fuck is that noise

    oh, its the alarm clock



  3. haha, fuck yeah man. Give me my five cups of coffee.
  4. Good idea, actually :smoke:
  5. fuck its morning

    must shower so i can eat so i can smoke

    then school


    non school day...

    probably more intresting because i wake up and hit the bong
  6. Am I the only one that loves a wake n bake if it ends in "day"?
  7. depends, if I'm gettin up on a weekday at 5am so I can drive an hour through traffic to get to school, I feel like I'm barely alive and I barely have enough brain power to will my body out of bed and into the shower, if I wake up with the sun without something buzzing at me I feel pretty good
  8. My thoughts are "fuck I hate work, I'd just love to spark a bowl and jerk off to the view"
  9. :confused_2::bongin::)

    (in that order)
  10. Damn I slept late

    Oh shit I have a boner

  11. I have more philosophical thoughts at night I think.
  12. Yeah, I'm with you on that too. I think it has to do with sleep. I smoke at night and the morning, I think that's why. But why I wrote this was because I woke up this morning very early for some reason (surprising I got to sleep really early last night) and woke up with some of the most random, craziest, philosophical thoughts. My brain was on overload, which was awesome. I love philosophy.
  13. The first thought in my head every morning is

    I feel like I'm a completely different person when I wake up and I'm still in that half asleep/half awake mode. I say random shit that doesn't make sense and get extremely cranky...especially if I'm cold. I think my dreams are real and will do anything to get back into "reality". But, after a quick shower I'm back into the real world. :smoke:
  14. My first thought is where is the mflb? And what's on to smoke and watch ??

  15. Every morning I have the same thoughts: "Alright world, bring it on!"

    and by it, i mean my morning Monster and bong rips :bongin:

    The advantages to having parents who go to work between 6 and 8 am every day :smoke:

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