Your take on the Nietzschean Affirmation?

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  1. Reading into it, very interesting.

  2. Sounds German
    It isn't German, but it's author is.
     Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) was a German philosopher of the late 19th century who challenged the foundations of Christianity
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  4. There are supermen amongst us. ......Shhh
  5. i know homie. i have to do a paper on the development of the public and hannah arendt for class tomorrow and i'm just about done with philosophy
  6. yeah i like about 5% of philosophy, lol
  7. Kierkegaard > Nietzsche
    Nietzsche reeks of Schopenhauer's incomplete and partial metaphysics... ever heard of Will? Nietzsche pretty much stole his whole ideology from good ol' Schop-ee; and yet, Nietzsche thought he was simply emending it (only in the ethical category can one say Nietzsche emended Schopenhauer's philosophy).
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    Nietzsche's philosophy was best dismantled by Santayana -- But, here's a few quotes from Russell that will suffice to undermine Nietzsche's egoisitc romanticism.
    "There is a great deal in Nietzsche that must be dismissed as merely megalomaniac… It is obvious that in his day-dreams he is a warrior, not a professor; all the men he admires were military. His opinion of women, like every man's, is an objectification of his own emotion towards them, which is obviously one of fear. “If you go to see women, forget not thy whip” he would say –but nine women out of ten would get the whip away from him, and he knew it, so he kept away from women, and soothed his wounded vanity with unkind remarks."
    "He condemns Christian love because he thinks it is an outcome of fear… It does not occur to Nietzsche as possible that a man should genuinely feel universal love, obviously because he himself feels almost universal hatred and fear, which he would fain disguise as lordly indifference. His 'noble” man–who is himself in day-dreams–is a being wholly devoid of sympathy, ruthless, cunning, concerned only with his own power. King Lear, on the verge of madness, says: 'I will do such things–what they are yet I know not–but they shall be the terror of the earth.' This is Nietzsche's philosophy in a nutshell."
    "It never occurred to Nietzsche that the lust for power, with which he endows his superman, is itself an outcome of fear. Those who do not fear their neighbours see no necessity to tyrannize over them"
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    Nietzsche actually despised the Germans (even if German was his native tongue)... he claimed to be of polish descent.
    "Even by virtue of my descent, I am granted an eye beyond all merely local, merely nationally conditioned perspectives; it is not difficult for me to be a 'good European'. On the other hand, I am perhaps more German than present-day Germans, mere citizens of the German Reich, could possibly be-I, the last anti-political German. And yet my ancestors were Polish noblemen: I have many racial instincts in my body from that source-who knows? [...] When I consider how often I am addressed as a Pole when I travel, even by Poles themselves, and how rarely I am taken for a German, it might seem that I have been merely externally sprinkled with what is German."
    “I am a pure-blooded Polish nobleman, without a single drop of bad blood, certainly not German blood."
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  11. Nietsche - God is Dead
    and those are opinions from others who probably have the same shit talked about them, lol.. and so on.
    Nietzsche, one of the most overrated, and equivocal, philosophers there are...
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    I don't eat jelly... it tastes like plastic, sort of like the taste I get in my mouth when I read Nietzsche.
    Kierkegaard > Nietzsche
    Schopenhauer > Nietzsche
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