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Your take on one-hitters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by connor ruh, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. As a seasoned toker, I have amassed quite a collection of paraphernalia. The only type of piece I do not have is a "one hitter". I've heard countless stories about these pieces and have wondered what are their pros, drawbacks, or anything important/interesting regarding them. Thanks in advance and smoke on!
  2. One hitter as in a One-hitter bowl? If that is what you are talking about I don't really like them. They are a pain in the ass when it comes to smoking with multiple people. Having to repack it and whatnot. Even if you are smoking by yourself they are still a pain in the ass. I only smoke out of bigger bowls. This is just my opinion though. Others may have different imput. +rep if I helped at all
  3. there shitty til the 5th bowl.

    Takes a while to get high off em but they will get u pretty ripped, pretty small and stealth, easy to carry around.

    not to hard to think of actually, just a pipe with a small bowl...
  4. If you are talking about the one hitters that aren't bowls then they suck. Weed gets stuck in them and you have to dig it out with a needle or something. I just threw mine out my window because it was shit.
  5. they are good for 'public' smoking since they look like a cig. however, after a few hits it can get pretty hot (15 seconds of lighter to one hitter pulling it's too hot to handle)

    i also find that they get clogged pretty quickly (for me around 10 bowls).

    but it's a good portable device to have, i used to use it a lot when i had weed
  6. I recently got one for smoking in gigs or when I'm low on weed. Works perfectly for both those situations, but I wouldn't use it at any other time.
  7. My friend has a small metal one hitter pipe that looks like a cigarette. That's the only piece she has and when we smoke together its so annoying, and she tries to pass it to me and acts like I get a good hit, when really I'm just burning ash..
    and it tastes like shit because its metal. And it gets clogged a lot.

    Save yourself the trouble and don't invest in one. It's a huge hassle.
    Unless you only smoke alone/want to smoke in public quickly.
  8. Great for conserving. Would only recommend for dank though. If you are packing it up like 6,7,10 times you're kind of killing the point.

    And to the dude above, it's called a ONE hitter for a reason.
  9. My take on one hitters is that you should hit them more than one time probably.
  10. You pack it up and give it a good light. Watch the reflection of the cherry in the metal part of the lighter. When it goes out you've finished the pack.

    Trying to hit it several times leads to small hits and some nasty tasting ones.
  11. Theyre good if your paranoid about getting caught by police in public. It looks just like a cig from far away. I'm less paranoid though, I just bring my bong wherever I go :)
  12. smoked one last night, and idk it was annoying that I had to keep packing it but I think it was pretty cool.
  13. wtf?? i have a one hitter that gets me stoned as hell! 1 pack and i could light it up to 5 to 6 times!! and no it's not one of those cig looking ones!
  14. Very easy to use, even If I owned a larger pipe I would still be using my One Hitter:] Granted you do get some gnarly hits every once in a while but... I still love it!

    Edit: And in correlation with the above poster, I also get VERY stoned from VERY little dank.
  15. it looks just like this 1 but in blue!! pipes_metal_keychain_jmp44.jpg
  16. i happily use mine every day.

    but i can never turn down a couple bong rips through the day.
  17. its mostly all i smoke with especially in public. looks like cig. about 3 of them with some dank and im faded as fuck :)
  18. Spend that money on bud or a small glass chillum, mine always shits on me and never gets me super high, id much rather carry a small pipe or use a joint
  19. I have a really teeny tiny wooden pipe that's perfect for low profile travel. But only if you have a low tolerance...I always have to pack 3 or 4 bowls to get a decent roast. They're okay I guess...idk, I'd much rather smoke out of a pipe with a decent size bowl. Get yourself a wooden pipe and you don't have to worry about it getting broken too.
  20. Since you said you have quite a collection I'm assuming you wont be using your one hitter for groups or when you want to smoke quantity, like everyone else is talking about. I have a cigarette one hitter and I like it for when I want to control weed use, or control how high I get. Definitely a good cheap piece to add to your collection. I recommend a poker for it too.

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