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  1. I'm wondering what subculture most blades affiliate with.

    I'm probably borderline hipster. I don't dress like most hipsters or even skate board but I listen mostly to lo-fi punk and noise rock.

    Now your turn.

    Are you a bro? Are you a hipster? Furry? Geek? Riot Grrrl?

    Maybe you're a juggalo...
  2. Bruiser Brigade, Goblin (Odd Future), and an active Blade. :D

  3. What's Bruiser Brigade? Sounds like something along the lines of thrash metal.

    Also, your avatar is awesome. Danny Brown is the best rapper out today.
  4. Hipsters don't skate, they longboard, giant difference. Don't ever think they're the same. EVER.

    Anyways, I'm a skater and a Wolf. Bakedanarchist said Goblin but it's actually Wolf.
  5. Unlabeled!
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    Pokemon, but seriously, skater.
  7. I'm like a hippie

    flower power yall
  8. Im that guy that listens to underground/oldschool hip hop, plays soccer, drives a VW, and does graphic design.

    O n smokes all de time c:
  9. Raver

    eat thizz all day breakfast, lunch and dinner
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    I'm a mix of everything. I smoke daily, sometimes wear hipsterish clothes, am smart, once i recover from an injury I'm going back to working out, I'm a computer nerd, i listen to rap, rock, and anything in between except country. And i play bass.

    Part stoner, part Jock, part nerd, part hipster, hell even part whigger.

    My friends range from fat stoners to college kids to druggies to broke ass people from the next town over.

    Also part redneck, getting a gun very soon.

  11. Werd. If I label myself, then I limit myself without expanding.
  12. And of course I'm like 9000% brony.
  13. Tripper trooper technician
  14. I'm a towel.
  15. Smile

    that pretty much describes me. I'm white, like some hip hop and techno. And dress fresh. But not hypebeast fresh. i hope that makes sense
  16. I'm a smoker, I'm a joker, I'm a midnight toker...
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    outcast since nothing this town offers aligns with my interests. ive lived here pretty much my entire life. this is why im depressed and secluded which leads to my crippling anxiety.

    fuck this place.
  18. don't got a sub culture, sub infers my culture being under another
  19. I try not to label myself because I'm an individual. I am me.

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