your "style"...

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What are you....

  1. Tuck your addidas sports gear into your socks- YOU'RE A SCALLY!!

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  2. Stinky Scruffy Person

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  3. Raver- hey they really DO ALL LOOK THE SAME

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  4. A Gothy Fucker (poser or proper)- Yeah man let's all take knives to our arms and worship satan

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  5. Hippy Chick/Dude- Like... yeah man....

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  6. Eastern philosophy obsessed person in eastern style clothes

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  7. Old Fart in Lumberjack shirt (offfs just click here)

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  8. 70's Rocker- Kiss and the like

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  9. Style? What?

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  10. Depends on the situation... Please give us details...

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  1. Well what are you?
  2. Personally I wear all kinds of shit- I'm mostly scruffy but when I go into a semi smart dress situation I will wear a leather jacket and a decent long sleeved t shirt or shirt
  3. I look and dress EXACTLY like Mr. Bean
  4. No multiple options? Damn.

    I'm a combination of hippie/smelly scruffy

    I got the long hair, permastoned attitude, and the peaceful mellow life of a tru hippie, but i'm always wearin' dirty stanky smelly clothes when i'm off work, cause all i do is ride and get all sweaty n shizz and i don't bother puttin' clean clothes on so i can huck off some stairs biff and get 'em all bloodstained and dirty and sweaty.

    When i'm not riding i'm workin, simple as that, and there's a few times a year where i'll go out somewhere i need to be presentable and then i get all GQ'd out but that only happens once or twice a year and it's when i gotta go to a formal thang.

    I got 2 pairs of shorts and i alternate, i wear one pair for a week and then change to my other pair, but i gotta get a new pair so i have some that fit me the oens i got now are like size 42 but i'm like 34-36 now.

    As for style, nobody knows my name but they know me as "that crazy guy on the bike"

    "You'll know me if ya saw me, i'm 6' 250lbs, i smell like week old sweaty shorts, there's a crazy lookin bike built partly out of duct tape under me, my foot and a half long ponytail (i keep my hair tied back) sticks out from my drab olive green helmet and i'm bleeding profusely. I can be found perched on my rear wheel at the edge of a dropoff surrounded by toursists freaking out thinking it's some twisted suicide attempt, my scars are visible on my battered mangled shins and my bike covered in bloodstains. Some people laugh at me, some people are sacared, but i don't care. I drip some more blood on the ground and crack a twisted masochistic smile as i kick off a 4 foot wall and come crashing down in a spectacuar flailing of body and bike in the middle of the small one way street. Tourists gasp and the weak ones divert their eyes in horror. I get up and ride off, cause it's only the 10th time that's happened today."

    That's my "style"

  5. surf jock chica! :)
  6. I kinda have my own style. Sometimes I go out kinda punked up, but not all dirty and shit. I usually wear baggy pants and I alternate between baggy shirts, old tight shirts that drive my mom crazy, and halfway nice looking semi-collared shirts. I wear new balance shoes most of the time b/c I found out how comfortable they are when I ran cross country. I never wear shorts except when I play racquetball. I just don't subject the world to my white legs. I just got myself a bown stetson fedora that I occasionally wear when it compliments the t-shirt I'm wearing. And in the winter I always wear my black letter jacket. I like to get dressed up occasionally and pimp, but that's too much effort to do on a regular basis. Plus, if you do it all the time you don't get as much attention for it.

  7. that would have defined me EXACTLY to the point... a year ago. now I'm all that stuff minus the bike:D. dont seem to ride anymore. never was very good at it. i just kind of wandered away from it.:(
  8. cross between an evil male leprechaun (are there even supposed to be females?.. i haven't seen one), stephen hawking, and a mormon missionary

  9. probably just my really sewer like mind but THAT'S JUST WRONG!!!
  10. LMAO!!! haha!!!
  11. BLACK!!!! al fucking black all the time and I don't know why, I've been all black since 1996, not a big depression guy or "goth" but just black, well a red shirt or tie... Now I've been having this really weird thing, almost every evening if I'm out there walking or going home or anything I got these guys that I don't know saying stuff like "good evening" and blah blah blah I mean what do they think? that I'm a girl? fuck that I don't do make up stuff or anything like that or try to be "feminine" or such... well yeah. dump
  12. anything baggy and comfortable....
    jeans, cargo pants and t-shirts mainly...with the exception for cargo shorts when it gets hott.....

    i just like being relaxed and comfortable where ever i go....

    ima beach kidd....always at the beach..... only cause ........ "life's a beach"
  13. stinky and scruffy man! get up and put on whatevers on the floor :D lol
  14. ya, that is just your dirty mind. My mom thinks that tight shirts look trashy. Hell, if I can still squeze my body into a shirt I got as a 95 lb freshman I'm damn well gonna wear it. Just because I'm a foot taller and 50 lbs heavier don't mean anything.
  15. Depends, if I'm going out or something, it's the pimped out gear. To school it's the normal pants, pumas and t-shirts.
  16. im a clash. I usually wear my black/death metal shorts, colored cargo pants, moccasins, and the occasional flannel.

    Hippster hophead who wears flannel and listens to hardcore shit
  17. I'm a flower child lost in space and time........enough said!!! LOL
  18. I don't know what I am....I wear what I like....none of those options really describe me
  19. im just one of those guys who likes alot of gold and money dont give a fuck what anyone thinks of me and i just like to smoke weed and buy shit and sell it thats me:)
  20. im one who likes my hoodies and hats.

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