Your strangest case of munchies

Discussion in 'General' started by katattack, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. What is your strangest case of munchies? What did you eat that you usually wouldn't because you had a strange craving for them while high?

    I got this idea for a thread because last night I had the most bizarre desire to eat raw onions :laughing: I ate like 2 and a half white onions and this morning my tongue is raw and my tummy is sore.

  2. I was so hungry one night and was looking for anything I could find because I didn't have much to eat..I find a giant box of saltines and try one and they are stale. So I'm all bummed, but then I end up eating the whole box of stale saltines because I had such bad munchies.:smoking:

    I'm not proud but sometimes I just can't control my munchies.:laughing:

    I felt like shit afterwards too because I was drinking tons of water with them and they like bloated up in my stomach and it was terrible.
  3. Block cheddar cheese wrapped in unheated flour tortillas

    was excellent in hindsight. Would have been perfect with cold refried beans and a dash of tobasco.
  4. Dominos cheese pizza dipped in queso dip... >_>
    Haha I ate a lot of weird things when I was new to weed. I would come home, go straight to the kitchen, and consume everything. I had to fix that quick :p
  5. I had prison goulash, Romen noodles , dorritos , slim jim
    yeah had to be pretty high for that one
  6. I had gone to my friends house and after quite a few joints and bong hits we realized he never kept anything to eat. He passed out while the rest of us raided his kitchen eating whatever we could find. Finally ended up eating some chocopie, a galaxy, an egg, some corn, and a box of half melted ice cream to top it off.
  7. hard boiled eggs

    it's happened a few times.... I think subconsciously I'm just too lazy to dirty a frying pan
  8. Not really weird... but just like... fat. haha
    I once went to Burger King and ate two double whoppers, a large fry, a large chocolate milkshake, and 2 or 3 large sodas... Those were some serious munchies. I felt like I was going to explode after. hahaha
  9. Last night I stacked two tostinos party pizzas on top of each other and ate it...
  10. Just remembered another one.My friend and I used to get really high and go to the discount grocery store and buy one or two dozen eggs and scramble that shit up and eat them all haha it was actually really good for the price.:p

    This was a good thread idea by the way OP!
  11. at like 4 in the morning I was high and drunk and tripping and shit.and.wanted.steak and eggs so I went out back and grilled that shit up and watched the sunset come up it was pretty awesome
  12. Haha I remember doing the same thing. Smoking with all your friends, going home and stuffing my pockets with food and drinks, then to my room to enjoy lol.

    The most weird thing I've eaten due to munchies would have to be chocolate chip cookies topped with chips and sour skittles. I don't know what I was thinking... Maybe going for all the flavor at once, salty sour and sweet.

    It was great that night, but I disgusted by what I ate in the morning :p:smoke:
  13. I got another one. Almost a decade ago now me and one of my buddies decided to go out and get baked at like 3 am. We got bored cause there was nothing to do so we decided to goto the grocery store and buy salmon and scallops. We cooked it on a single burner camping propane stove I had in my car on the side the road while smoking cigars! Was one of the most epic things ever.
  14. Like 5 years ago i got real stoned one night and really had a craving for pickles, we didn't have any so whats the next best thing i figured? .....Relish. I woke up next to a half empty bowl of JUST relish. The jar in the fridge was empty
  15. I don't remember.... if i'm making shit that strange....

    though i have been known to eat some crazy things:cool:
  16. anybody heard of something called wirly pop? you pretty much pop your own kernels. well me and my buddies used to make a shit ton of that stufff and literally coat every inch of the popcorn in melted butter. one night we had to of went through 4 or 5 sticks of butter. oh those were the days :D
  17. I ate a whole block of cheese once because it was the first thing that I grabbed out of the fridge, then most of a loaf of bread before passing out.
  18. Last night I took some leftover meatballs, chopped them up and fried them with a little bacon grease, put it on noodles and covered it with gravy. It was actually really good :smoke:
  19. a few christmas eves ago me & my friends went to the pub for a few drinks, we all got really drunk & came back to my house for a few joints afterwards, we ended up smoking 3 50 bags between the 4 of us so we had major munchies, we went in to the kitchen to raid the fridge, and there sitting on the counter looking like the most delicious thing you ever saw was the turkey & ham, we had 15 people coming for christmas dinner the next day so you can inagine how big the turkey & ham were,
    anyway we ended up eating nearly the whole ham & half of the turkey, as u can inagine my mam went absolutely ballistic when she got up christmas morning and saw the remains of what was supposed to be our christmas dinner and needless t say i wasnt everybodys favourite person that christmas!
    and i havent eaten turkey or ham since the sight of it turns my stomach!!
  20. Ramen noodles with mayo mixed in. it was delicious but it sounds way gross to me right now

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