Your stoner "pet peeves"?

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  1. You know, those things that really irritate you while high? Obviously, normal pet peeves are annoying while stoned, but I'm talking about the things that only bother you while you're high.

    1. The "not high" guy - I cannot stand the guy who says he isn't high after smoking. This guy could smoke a quarter of bud, then say he isn't high. Everyone else has been smoking for much longer, and are completely stoned. This guy, however, keeps proclaiming he isn't high at all.

    2. The 'non-smoker' sober guy - This guy is a total buzzkill. He doesn't smoke, never has, and doesn't understand how the high mind works. Totally annoying and thinks that smoking makes the smoker a complete idiot.

    3. Loud noises.
    4. Slow computers - Annoying sober, but while high, it makes me want to throw the damn thing in the garbage.
    5. People who wait for parking spaces.
    6. Country music
  2. I really can't think of anything. Things usually piss me off less when I'm high...
  3. Bad actors.
    Microwaves - they take too long.
  4. the "Im so fucking stonned right now" guy, and also people who say gay things, once my male friend said anouther guy would look hot from a girls perspective :mad: hes also said many other gay stuff like "Im really self concious about myself i think i might be gay," wasn't their for that quote though, thank god fucking buzz kill go bone someone and get it over with
  5. when your smoking and its so cold your lighter doesnt want to light right

    or when its too windy to get it going

    when after smoking all people want to do is sit around

    phone calls from any sort of parent or such

    when people ask "dude you are totally blazed ARENT you?!" when i may or may not be. who gives a flying f*ck either way

    when people argue over music choice

    when you get skipped in rotation.
  6. Extremely drunk people. They piss me off when I'm high and not drunk.:smoke:
  7. people who go "you look soooooo high, look at your face"

    or the "your eyes are so red"

    of course my eyes are fucking red and my face looks like it does i just took some dank to teh dome wat do you expect? /vent
  8. My friends and I were all talking about what we would do for weed. And one of my friends said he suck dick for weed. It sounded messed up, we all know he isn't gay. But we will never stop giving him shit for that comment.
  9. Fuck, dude I have this friend who allllways says hes not high after we smoke. Even when I smoke him up, he gets pissed off and says shit like "Dude, I'm not high..." or "It's gone.. it's gone.." ...some bullshit he thinks that makes him better.

    I also hate when your friends always have to have things everything the way they like it even when they're at your place, or in your car or something.
    I always try to accept things that I may not find to be great, but just deal with stuff.
  10. when people are insecure about how big of a 'stoner' they are and think those that say they aren't high afterwards are just liars that want to come across as some kinda big shot... because you know, smoking weed and not getting high is just SUPER COOL and everyone wishes that they can build up some stupid tolerance that prevents them from getting high... and then have to proceed to take dumbass tbreaks all the time. obviously i want to be high, otherwise i probably wouldn't have even bothered.
  11. I forgot one:

    When we're in MY car, smoking MY weed, and someone wants to bitch about what kind of music I'm listening to. Then proceeds to touch my radio. I want to listen to Electric Wizard. No, I don't want to listen to fucking Kenny Chesney.
  12. People who are 'too cool' to get the munchies.
  13. Amen.

    I hate fiends. People who think they're too good to buy weed because they "don't smoke enough to make it worth it" ... but they ask to smoke anyways.
  14. people who think they can give a speech while holding the smoking device. Puff Puff Pass. I mean fuck its not that hard wait till you pass to give your speech. Also, I hate when people who arnt high have to make it known to the world that I am high. They always ask questions like Are you High? or How much weed did u smoke?. I mean fuck, keep it down my little brother is with me.

  15. I agree. Drunk people get REALLY LOUD, and if you're standing really close to them your face gets covered in spit. It especially sucks when you're fucking baked and you have to take care of them cause they're passing out and throwing up all over the place.
  16. Yes, when people say "Your so fucking blazed" "Your eyes are so red" "You need to chill the fuck out!". That just pisses me off. The worst is when someone hits me when I'm high. Harshes my high, don't have fun anymore and I always get really pissed at the guy who hit me. People who are with you that choose not to smoke need to shut the fuck up so we can have our fun.
  17. It's the worst dude, having people fuckin' puking everywhere and you have to take care of them. It instantly kills your high and mood and makes you feel shitty.:(

  18. So damn true. I hate it when people know your high then they try to make you look stupid or confuse you. Like you have 0 brain power while high. They can go to hell.
  19. people who will stand there and try to trip me out. ill just look at them like there an idiot..

    and ofcoarse then theres the whole buzzkill shit
  20. summed it up for me right there

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