Your stoned in your room, Someone Breaks In, What do you grab first?

Discussion in 'General' started by wrestlir1139, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. [quote name='"boatdock"']

    No homo I hope[/quote]

    Full on qadafy style homo
  2. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']

    Full on qadafy style homo[/quote]

    That's worse than blackcockintheass homo
  3. [quote name='"boatdock"']

    That's worse than blackcockintheass homo[/quote]

    But not worse then federalprisionassrape homo
  4. I would submit any guy trying to break in. Two jabs, double-leg takedown, limb destruction. I can feel my testosterone levels rising while writing this.
  5. glock 23


    ar -15

    Which ever one is closest
  6. lol at all the bong suggestions. I actually know someone who nearly got robbed @ his apartment, shot in the shoulder, bullet fractured his clavicle, then he grabbed the big ol' bong, smashed it over the intruder head who was holding the weapon, they dropped the gun, he grabbed it and they jumped out his window to get away haaha
  7. I would break my bong in half and then stab him with it
  8. Well i just happen to have a loaded break action Remington 20 gauge lying directly next to my bed, so a burglar would have made a very costly mistake on his behalf to bust up into my room, his face would be dirty hamburger all over my carpet.
  9. I'd grab my full merciless gladiator set first. He'll likely have a mana shield up, so the first thing I would do would be charge, hamstring, rend, and kite him around the room while he bleeds out to death. Hopefully he wouldnt trinket, but if he did I would poly-morph, stealth, ambush, and then execute. I would then use the resulting victory rush buff to slam his corpse into dust.
  10. pahleez, every got at least one cd ready to break your snare
  11. my chainsaw....dont ask
  12. I'd either grab my baseball bat or hockey stick that I keep right next to my bed. I could always use my bong, or ice skate though. The ice skate could do some damage.
  13. I have brass knuckles on the side table next to my chair. Please, try and fuck with me.

  14. I Doubt you'd have time to put on a skate
  15. Pass him the ROOR to smoke. But only AFTER I get greens.
  16. Whatever crusty sock I last had my way with.

    That should deter him or her.
  17. Unfortunately, all I currently have by me that could do any damage is this freshly new sharpened pencil. I can easily stab someone with it.
  18. Luckily i've got a pair of kamas on my shelf ;) - the fucker wouldnt even get a chance to move.
  19. I would attempt to violently spew shit from my ass and spin around really fast like a tornado.

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