Your stoned in your room, Someone Breaks In, What do you grab first?

Discussion in 'General' started by wrestlir1139, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. this sword/knife at the foot of my bed that i bought at a chinese gift shop. its full tang, a little longer than 2ft, 1/3 of it is a saw, and there are holes on part of it so its lighter to cut and stab. it looks intimidateing and could fuck someones shit up quick. they better hope they have a gun.
  2. give em the good ole' kamehameha wave.
  3. Taurus .38 snubnose revolver, fuck hitting somebody with a can of febreeze lol
  4. Start jerking it no one wants to see that and when he/she comes in my room just stare them down
  5. My 95lbs German Shepherd "WOLFEY", if he wakes up?
  6. [quote name='"allouttaweed"']give em the good ole' kamehameha wave.[/quote]

    Destructo disc would be a better choice. Because a kamehameha would destroy your house.
  7. knife by bed. or the sub box. its not massive so eh
  8. lousiville slugger n bash em up good.

    come at me mafucka
  9. throw my computer's monitor
  10. This beer botlle would do quite nicely.
  11. Id GRAB DA GAT hahahahaha

    Are we talking about breaking in through your room window or through your front door?

    Anyways I guess I would just start throwing shit at the person until I can make it to the aluminum baseball bat in my house. If i see they have a gun I'll just hide behind a corner until they walk around and beat em over the head with it:cool:
  13. Hm well I live in a dorm where we aren't supposed to have weapons but then again we aren't supposed to have weed either.. Oh well! I have my ex boyfriends knife here and some pepper spray my dad gave me! So even though I'm a small girl, I could do some damage!
  14. Well wen u say stoned idk what id do
    If i was totally couchlocked id be like
    "woah dude relax bro"
    If he still came at me then id prob jus hulk outta my undershirt and hell run away like the last one :cool:

  15. but a destructo disk would cut it in half. what good is a cut in half house? its all or nothing, so im gonna straight up destroy EVERYTHING, including the intruder.

  16. i do a TOKSENTAI first xD

    good old original japanese audio if you aware of it haha.

    idk the english version, the move where they flash crazy light to blind them
  17. My pants, chances are they're off.
  18. I would let my bong teach him a lesson
  19. I would throw my Mexican Coke Bottle at him. I keep it on my desk and fill it with water.
  20. Well generally if I get stoned in my room I end up falling asleep. I mean, the bed is in there.

    So I would probably be grabbing my blankee while I continued to sleep and dream as the breakin happened. I'd probably be completely oblivious.

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