Your stoned in your room, Someone Breaks In, What do you grab first?

Discussion in 'General' started by wrestlir1139, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. My fuckin gun
  2. Grab my skull dagger and fling the skull stand at him and stab him in the heart or any vital spot while he gets distracted by the flying object.
  3. Now I am currently in a different room. This time if it occurred the best thing I have is this heavy ass electric pencil sharpener. It wont do much, but it's the best I got within a close distance. Actually, I see a fork on the ground that I forgot to clean. So a old dirty metal fork to the face can do justice.
  4. .380 lcp. Or if I have enough time my pump in the closet
  5. .380 lcp. Or if I have enough time my pump, in the closet
  6. 7 inch bladed dagger behind me =O
  7. grab a baseball bat

    or my bong. I could kill a man with my bong...
  8. hmm prob my box cutter or my drill (not to turn on but just to throw the whole box naked gun style lol)
  9. Well. I could throw my laptop, but I'd rather not. I'd probably hit him with my glass water bottle.
  10. My fists, elbows, feet and knees.
  11. I would break in his skull with the corner of my laptop. Then Choke him with the cord
  12. Well, if I pivot I can have a knife in my hand, or a 5lb carved stone ash tray. Probably would grab the ash tray, throw it and casually walk across the room and grab a machete or a bat and go check if he still alive.... it's a heavy fucking ashtray...
  13. I'd probably go for the .44 I keep in my dresser. Its not loaded but seeing a dirty hairy hand cannon pointed at your face should be intimidating enough to fend off the odd burglar.

    I've actually chased someone off my property with my 20ga before.

  14. Isnt the reason hes breaking into YOUR place b/c hes poor and tryign to rob you? so smash the bong against his head, break some windows, make it look like there was a fight before you took him down. Then claim insurance on that shit! along with that 52" inch tv, which the Color Tube was going bad so you kicked that shit in also.
  15. To be honest my initial reaction to some random man opening my door wouldn't be to charge at him with the nearest dangerous-ish object, I would try find out why he's here and try to reason with him.
  16. Got a gerber gaurdian II on my headrest if i for some crazy fucking reason got attacked at night..

    and a 870express with 3in federal slugs if i hear him first :devious:Someone who knows the laws in my state would be stupid to break in without a gun and a good plan, though. ;)
  17. handle of liquor
  18. I just realized im in such a bad position to be attacked im lying back naked on my couch with my feet up.

    Id probably hit him with a ceramic bowl or if I can reach it a screwdriver.
  19. Ar.15 have his ass looking like a domino

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