Your stoned in your room, Someone Breaks In, What do you grab first?

Discussion in 'General' started by wrestlir1139, Nov 16, 2011.

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    My huge, steel medieval sword.
    I'm in England so the invader will likely have a knife instead of a gun, in which case I'll probably win the fight with an epic, single swipe decapitation.
    I would then proceed to put his head on a spike and leave it outside as a warning to other thieves. 

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    This may sound crazy but I have knives hidden in every room of my house. Im a 5'3 140 lb woman and my husband goes away on business alot, I cant take any chances haha. So i would grab my knife placed behind my TV.
  3. fuck all that shit! Grab the bong and take a big ass hit before you die! There aint no need for violence:)
  4. If he has a gun, I'm fucked. But I pretty much always have a spring-assisted knife on me.
  5. first thing i grab is his soul, foot on his neck repeatedly stomp till it breaks.
  6. Whoever is next to me for a human shield
  7. I'd prob grab my .48 and start lecturing the person who's breaking in.
  8. I would grab my pit bulls so the dumb bastard dont become lunch.
  9. my heavy duty candle
  10. I actually have a katana I sharpened myself laying next to my bed, waiting for the day I get to dice someones ass. 
  11. my 8 inch knife made for cutting trees, nigga is sharp, and I'm white :eek:
  12.  That's a shitty situation... 
    Lol, I had to. 
  13. I have a 6lb rock I would throw at their head. Then I'd grab my candle holder made of glass and bash their head in and throw them out my 2nd story window head first

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    worlds are cages for ideas
  15. My motherfucking hatchet because I don't play that shit.
  16. Nothing i have nothing lol
  17. Your dick beaters my nigga!

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