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Your Stash Jar

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HazyJ, May 28, 2009.

  1. Alright, im curious as to what everyone stores there weed in.. just a plastic baggy, or one of those cool hidden pop can ones, or anything else? So post a pic of what you store your weed in.
    Here is mine; it is a pill bottle from a dollar store this is what i use if i only have a lil if i have alot i just use a canning jar i find they keep it fresh.

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  2. Usually I just store it in mason jars of various sizes depending on how much i have or if it's just a little left or im on the move in a tin.
  3. I have a brisk iced tea can that opens at the top, with a glass jar inside. I use that whenever I go out of town for work because my co-worker likes to pinch my shit. I'd be happy to share some with him if he asked. :confused_2:
  4. haha my state baseball trophy the bottom comes out and you can hide the weed in it haha
  5. mason jars or sterilized baby food jars all the way
  6. I have to agree, mason jars are the way to go for home storage. For traveling I use all sorts of small jars that I have collected from types of hams, mustards, and other spreads.
  7. an old spice jar that i cleaned with boiling water before. but i ought to get a proper one as it isnt fully airtight.
  8. I keep all my bud in mason jars . I'll add some pics :) .

    From left to right , the first 4 jars are lowryder #2 , the 5th jar is monster kush , and the 6th jar is chumaluma . That's a chumaluma bud in my hand .

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  9. a marlboro menthol lights package. it's all beat up and worn. i think i need a new one. contains my papers, the baggie, some extra baggies, and a bobby pin.

    and what i keep my pipe in is a bag i got on sale at american eagle. D:

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