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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by whatthe, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. what these got to do with growing mj outdoor...?...
  2. i needa find a place fer mine.. wonderin where other people put it
  3. next time ask more specific then....

    u can look in the woods.... look for placese where u dont see no trails made by people.. u will at least need 3 different locations... so if they find one, u will still have 2 letf crops...latezz..
  4. Know the area you grow at. It makes such a difference when you know where people travel, why they travel there, why they don't travel in certain places and why.

    I prefer to find very a very dence but short thicket and clear out a little area. I take out any roots in the ground because it's so thick. Either have no trail and blaze through each time you visit the plant or crawl low to the grownd. Watch your foot prints.

    The wind is another important variable. You do not want the scent of your plants blowing into any area that people walk. You can smell plants a good ways off. 100 yards from any path is about minimum if they have to be upwind.

    Think like someone who is looking for plants. If you had to trample just 30 yards into a very dence thicket and are not sur that there even is plants there you would get discouraged too. Hide them in places that people would trather travel around than go through.
  5. near a farmers field. the farther the better

    corn works well.

    grow in a hedge row inbetween the corn fields are even better if u can keep the critters away.

    non forested areas offer full light. grassy areas offer great light.

    in my part of the world, we have lots of corn and lots of grassy waste areas. i take my little spray bottle of roundup and spray a green grassy area in the early fall and just before i plant. only a little kill about 2ft by 2ft is all u need. till that little piece of soil a bit to get the roots broken up. also i mulch the plant in with nearby grass that i rip up. let the grass grow around it...good visual / animal protection.

    usually waste grass is whats called 'cool season' grass. it grows strong in the spring and fall and not so good in the mid summer. its a very nice companion plant to MJ with the right system.

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