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Your Smoking Schedule

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UhForgotMyName, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I smoke about 3-4 times a day. Once when I wake up, once after I eat lunch around two, and once around 10-12:00. I pretty much stay stoned all day. I was wondering if anyone has a similar kind of routine, and etc.
  2. Kinda yeah.

    If by smoke after lunch you mean a couple one-hitters sometimes in the car quickly before work/class or at lunch. It would be hard to have a real sesh at two for most people.
  3. Whenever the fuck i feel like!!!!! Hahaha
  4. I'm pretty stoned throughout the day. Usually more high during the morning and night bowls, obviously.
  5. same as u OP haha
    wanna b friendzz?????????

  6. You say high from 2PM-10PM/12AM off a single session? Madness!

  7. Well, sometimes I'll smoke a bowl between that time, but not really.
  8. I get some weed. Smoke whenever I feel like which usually consists of wakenbakes and dusk sessions. I run out. Begin the painstaking task of getting more weed (east coast dealers :rolleyes: ) then repeat.
  9. i am currently tryna restrain myself to around once or twice, but i use to do a sess every night about 2 hours before i plan on crashing
  10. Dude when i have bud I smoke it and when I run out, I buy more hah
  11. When bud is plentiful, I smoke anywhere from 3-5 times a day. Wake n bakes are the best, and then usually every 3-5 hours after that. Give or take.
  12. I try and smoke everynight and all day and night on Saturday and Sunday
  13. M-F after work til bed time. Weekend, wake n bake till I feel like I have had enough, if that ever comes.

    My fav, weekend early morning disc golf right after my coffee and smoke. Maybe a J on the course also.
  14. As soon as my buzz dies off i smoke more.
  15. i might smoke once or twice during the week but usually i dont to keep tolerance down and i stay in a perpetual stone all weekend most weekends
  16. Usually have a small bowl before my 9:30am class, another bowl around 11:30 with my girlfriend as we both have a break and art together on Tues/Thurs at noon!, if I don't have work (shitty job to be stoned at) I pack up another around 4:30 before supper, usually around 8 when we find something to do for the night and smoke again, then at 11 before bed :)

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