Your Smoking Lingo

Discussion in 'General' started by Jankasauras, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I just sparked up a Jay and was wondering what's your favorite Mary Jane Lingo?
    Here's a list of mine!

    Bud- Weed
    Sparks- First to hit Bowl
    Fade- 2nd to hit Bowl
    Trips- 3rd to hit Bowl
    Cherried-The bowl is mad ripped
    Ghost-Blow smoke then inhale all..
    O's- Blowing O's with your smoke
    Cash-Means the bowl is gone
    Snag- Take some of whatever. "Let me get a SNAG of that" haha:D
    Tree- Weed
    Baseball- Game
    Cocktail- Game
  2. the only odd one i can think of is that me and my buddies call blunts "choppers" or a "chop stick"

  3. Bud/Tree- Weed
    Sparks- First to hit Bowl
    Neighbs- 2nd to hit Bowl
    Tres- 3rd to hit Bowl
    Cop- pick up (im going to cop this ounce. im going to run up to the store and cop a powerade)
    sticks- ps3/xbox controller
    hooter- joint

    Can't think of other that I use really often
  4. weed-tree
    cave-puting your hands around the lighter while someone else lights it because of annoying wind
    party foul-dropping the blunt/hogging/freeloading/anything else you dont think is right cant think of more
  5. 1) I'm going to smoke some inspiration :D

    2) Yeah we were just doing some gardening.. cutting the grass like
  6. all i use is, bud=Weed, faded=high, bub=bubbler, lightro=lighter,

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