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Your Smoking Kit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rvca, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I kind of need some advice for ideas for a smoking kit . what\'s in yours? post a picture.
  2. Well for starters, I'd recommend a scale. That way you have no chance of getting ripped off. You got your weed, various rolling papers for joints / blunt wraps as well(?), a joint roller (if you're new), and a grinder. That's basically what I own. If you need any help with products listed, feel free to post :)
  3. Don't have pics, but my kit usually contains a pack of sweets, eye drops, smell goods, gum of some sort, my jet lite lighter and my grinder. :) What can I say, I'm a blunt man. :D
  4. lighter, poker, pipe, eye drops and febreze. an d of course weed:smoke:
  5. pipe,bong, water (for bong), papers, blunt wraps, grinder, eyedrops, lighters, matches, magnifying glass (for solar hits), cologne, febreeze, axe or something like that. A screen or two never hurts, and a scale if your dealers arn't legit, even though they should weigh it right in front of you.
  6. *bong tube [home made bongs easier]
    *king skins
    *3 lighters
    *lighter gas
    *pipe screens
    *eye drops
  7. Essentials:

    - Papers
    - Lighters
    - Eye Drops ( Anti-Red )
    - A pipe w/ screen
    - A good calibrated scale
    - A kief-collecting grinder
    - A fat sack of weed

    That should set you for life.
  8. i used to keep 2. one contained: my small black metal pipe that uncrewed, a razor for cleaning and another to split blunts, and a hairpin 2 clean the stem of the pipe also functioned as a poker all kept in a prescription pill bottle.
    the other was in a flat cigar tin and held: a pack of tops, roachclips, a baggie for seeds, a razor for blunts a small tinnie and a cigg or small lighter. i liked this one cuz it provided a place to break up the weed outside
  9. Here's my kit, a little zip-up portfolio thingy I got when I ordered something for my camera. I think it works perfectly, nice size too.

    -Eye drops
    -Small spoon
    -Slider for my bong
    -Pollen press
    -Small screwdriver, usually used to clean my one hitter or slider

  10. My stoner kit:

    -Eye drops
    -Glass pipe
    -Metal pipe
    -Rolling papers
    -Bud (obviously)
  11. I always have these things on me whenever I go to smoke

    -Weed (obviously)
    -Lighter or 2
    -Eye Drops
    -Pack of papers

    Never let me down:smoke:
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    -Grinder (with a set amount of weed that I wanna smoke inside so I dont accidently go thru my whole stash :S)
    -Eyedrops (optional)
    -Glass pipe
    -pocket knife with a special tool that helps with cleaning my pipe
  13. Lighter, eye drops, grinder, scale, pill bottle container, I save my stems so I keep em in a bag, a bunch of dime bags that I collect over time, your bowls, paper, blunts, keep and empty blunt tube incase you need to carry a blunt some day, thats what I have in a shoe box under my bed
  14. - Glass pipe
    - Bic lighter
    - Knife
    - Eye drops
    - Gum
    - Old spice spray
    - Munchies :D
  15. are solar hit really that great lol ?
  16. is the iphone a fake phone thats a scale?

    if so how much was it?
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    Using beeline is the same as a solar hit, but much less of a pain in the ass. They both serve the purpose of not inhaling gas and you can really tatse your weed.

    I dont have a 'kit' so to say, but ive got all the essentials, and heres hwat you should have in a kit that you will need.

    Mini bottle of Ozium(runs for $5)
    A bottle of eyedrops.
    A grinder.
    A stir/pokey tool.
    A small glass bowl/bubbler/mini bong.
    A pack of rolling papers.
    A few extra glass screens(the little ones that look like a flower)
    A activated carbon sploof(optional if youve got ozium)
    Lighters(at least 3, and i wrap mine with beeline)
    A scale(which you dont have to carry all the time)
    Something to hold joints/blunts(like an altoid tin, cigar tube, or one of those joint cases by tightpac)
    Airtight storage container for bud.
    And last but certainly not least, a cold beverage.
  18. I went on ebay and got a bunch of Arturo fuente 8-5-8 boxes (PEFECT), put a grinder, roach clip, blunt wraps, scissors, papers and a gram for all my brothers last xmas!

    I have the same box but it also has my glass pipes, my stash and still plenty of room
  19. heres what Im talking about.... Not the cardboard ones!!!!!

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  20. i use a little leather zip up thing i found that is used for screw drivers. It has a lighter, rohto eye drops, 6 pieces of gum, this cool little flash light thing i found, screw driver for poker, small piece and axe bullet. but i may replace that with ozium or whatever.

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