Your smoke plans for the day/night?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SwisherPrpSmk, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Whats up? Its almost eleven and thats when im free to smoke! Im super excited i havent smoked for nine weeks due to bein on the radar by my parents but now its chilled down so im going to enjoy my first dime since then! I will probably listen to music and watch tv lol what ever comes to mind but most importantly enjoy the dank mayne! What are your plans for your next bake?
  2. Smokin a blunt in an hour. Should be nice.
  3. Plans are to buy 3g's of Northern Lights Wednesday, hit up the school with my buddy (he's a senior, and I quit. Wednesday is his last exam of his life). After his exam, we're gonna go blaze it up. :smoking: Neither of us have smoke some quality dank in months, so it's a treat for both of us.
  4. Not much. I sprained my ankle so I'm hobbling around in discomfort. My mom gave me two percocets until we can get to the doctor. It hurt so bad that I broke down and snorted one so the pain goes away faster. Packin up the bowl now.

    Of course now that I think about it, if I had smoked in the first place, I could have saved all that trouble...
  5. in about 15 minutes i have three lightweights coming over for their first hotbox in my driveway in my friend's truck, then off to wal mart, haha.
  6. After I get my q in, getting ripped. :)
  7. I'm debating on buying a quarter or not today. It's only 6:50am so I have quite a while to figure it out.
  8. I been up all night long, just smoked a blunt, i think i might just lay down and sleep or I might stay on here. gotta pick up an onion of some mids, and when thats gone then get a half of the afghani =) gunna be a good day folks
  9. Hopefully gonna get some kush today. Supposively 20/g I haven't looked at it yet so I don't know if it's worth it

  10. exactly what i'm doing actually, except it's like 10:15 :hello:
  11. I'm going to my girlfriend's later. I just picked up some bud after being dry for a while. Finally an opportunity to try out that small bong I got a month ago. I'm not going to know who I am this evening.
  12. 10:53am now, going to pick up. It looks cold and rainy outside, my living room seems more comforatable, but would be more comforatable with some weed.

    Also, your user name reminds me of this inside joke me and a buddy of mine had when we were about fifteen or so.
  13. Had a busy day so far. First one of my best friends and I drove to the Netherlands to pick up some bud. Got myself 4grams of Bubbles and 1gram of S5 for another buddy of mine. Then i visited my grandma and hit the gym afterwards. Smoked two bowls few minutes ago and now I'm about to hit the shower. After that I'm going to a greece-restaurant where im gonna munch my ass of. Gonna watch a movie and smoke a few more bowls when i come home. :bongin:
  14. Half 8th of Sour D is about to dissappear...

    It amazes me how a fat sack can be there for one sec, and after your sesh your just sitting there staring at an empty sack... Until you start accusing your friends of pinching it only to realize you guys all smoked it in like an hours time... Haha
  15. Today I worked for a lil in the morning, got a fresh 1/8 of kush and gonna watch the jet game and smoke and drink a few beers. LETS GO JETS
  16. dinner with some outta town relatives then
    wait til my pops heads off to the gym tonite and pack a combo bowl of some Triple OG and herojuana.
    im lookin forward to it :]
  17. actually none, im on day one of a 20 day t break, haha.

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