Your senior pranks!

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  1. I want to hear all of the crazy and funny senior pranks you did or that you witnessed!
  2. *you're senior pranks
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    you are senior pranks?? im pretty sure he got it right the way he has it haha someones blazed

    edit: forgot to put in my senior prank there was a small river that ran threw my high school so me and all my buddies went down to the sex shop and bought 30-40 blow up dolls and we floated thos motha fuckers down the river it was pretty hilarious
  4. Haha that takes me back. I remember when we used to shit in peoples bags of chips. Haha and we used to shit on the bathroom floor. Oh and in the teachers lounge. There wasnt a place we didnt shit on back ten

  5. hahahaha, idiot
  6. lol i was joking... making fun of all the grammar nazis

  7. i believe i put laxatives in the ketchup, mustard, and a few other condiments...
  8. I openly masturbated while hanging from a noose in the cafeteria.

    /not really.

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