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YOUR rules for puffin' in YOUR ride...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokerpro420, May 10, 2011.

  1. We all need to puff in the car at some point! Especially on road trips. What are your general rules and smoking etiquette for your ride. Ex. I like tinted windows up...AC on...a cold juice...good tunes...and cruise control! No passing the spliff at red lights!:smoking:
  2. Just keep all the windows cracked and try not to get ash all over my car seats.
  3. Don't fuckin' smoke in my car.
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  4. blow out the windows, ash in the ashtray or out the window. the i light the air freshener a bit and it just fills up my truck with the smell of berries.
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  5. A/C off. No smoke gettin up in there (mostly a cigarette rule)
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  6. The driver has to drive with their eyes closed........SKADUCHE
  7. I don't smoke in the car with people anymore. Everyone that I smoke with these days are immature as hell and act like douche bags jumping around having me turn the music all the way up at 11 at night in the suburbs. No, just no.
  8. Only on long drives. Then it's pass the joint and cracked windows. Don't need a massive hotbox fucking me from driving.
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  9. don't spill fucking ash on the floors, seats, and my interior!
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  10. my car, my music
  11. My only rule is to be discrete.

    Other than that, anything goes.

  12. Agreed. My friends tend to be idiots too, no respect for someone else's car.

    Only people that smoke in my car anymore is me and my brother.
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  13. #1 rule: Don't load a bowl and start smoking it when we're still in the middle of town, because if we're going on a bowl-cruise, we'll be out in the boonies in a few minutes. :p
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  14. Considering my ride is the bus, I'd say it probably wouldn't be in your best interests to blaze there. :cool:
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  15. Blunts = windows up
    cigs = windows down
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  16. Welcome to GC sir :smoke: :wave:
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  17. thanks :D
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  18. Windows down when moving, windows up when stopped
    Joints only
    All weed goes into a mason jar and hidden in my spot regardless of whose it is
    Hit that shit, no ones gonna see through that tint!
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  19. do NOT put your FUCKING feet on my dashboard....FOR THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME KEEP EM OFF THE LEATHERRR
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  20. My god, I fucking hate that...

    My dashboard isn't leather, but a friend of mine used to put her feet up there all the time and I'd find converse-shaped dirt patterns all over the dash panel...

    Seriously? Keep your feet on the goddamned floor where they belong! :p
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