Your relationship/expectations from your dealer

Discussion in 'General' started by hiddenmuggle, May 18, 2010.

  1. Just wondering along the lines of the how it goes down thread. What do you expect from your dealer? do you ever have issues with them? If so what are they?

    example: my dealer only really works over text messages and isn't always stellar about getting back to me. I mean, if he doesn't have any, it would be a lot more considerate if he just texted me back saying he was currently dry than to just ignore me for hours or days.

    anyone else have any other examples or thoughts on drug dealing etiquette?
  2. My current dealer is a friend who lives down the street. The expectations are higher because we grew up together. Always answer when you can. Give best prices possible.

    For other dealers I still expect them to answer my requests. If you can't do it or even don't want to, that's cool, just tell me no so I don't waste my day wondering.
  3. I think i'm pretty lucky. My cousin used to be my dealer. He'd hook it up with a few grams over or he'd front me a quarter no problem. And i could always count on him bringing the dankery.

    As for my new dealer, its my cousins best friend. So in turn he refers to me as cousin. Which is cool i guess.

    He never gives me the run around. If i text him or call he'll let me know asap when he's able to do business.
  4. My dealer's my older brothers best friend. I know him pretty well too and since my brothers gone he told him to take care of me so he has been. Get decent prices and is always straight. Sometimes its not but i tell him and he always repays when he makes mistakes. always dank too. Oh and he lives walking distance to me so its nice on nice days picking up :hello:
  5. i got picked up for posession and my dealer thought i was gonna sell him out..but i didn't (or even think bout it really) so he hooks me up like crazy..and will stop by and smoke me up for free sometimes..pretty cool.

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