Your Reality is Your Subconscious

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    Consider your external reality, including circumstances, people, everything, to be a perfect reflection of your consciousness, down to the deepest levels of your subconscious. The totality of your state of being, or consciousness, could be likened to a bubble. It is self-generating, and impenetrable by outside forces. Never feel like a victim, because there is nothing that can occur without your having created it, or allowed it to happen.

    There is a major difference between your conscious identity and your subconscious self/total consciousness/external reality, though(Note that I am using the three terms fairly interchangeably). Your conscious identity has many filters. Thoughts and ideas that you have that you don't want, or don't think you should have, you repress. You try to pretend they don't exist, or call them bad, or tell yourself that you don't really think that. Your subconscious, that which manifests as your external reality, has no such filters. You could say it is ruthless, although it is simply unfiltered, with no bias towards positivity or negativity, or anything for that matter. The other thing about subconscious/external reality is that it does not cater to your notions of self. It is completely impersonal.It is all your consciousness interacting with itself.
  2. I think we can connect to other ENTs through subconscious levels. had personal exp. with dreams that connect to reality.

  3. How do you deal with such ideas and thought?

  4. For one, there has to be a complete acceptance. Whatever comes into your head, you acknowledge and accept. You don't think of it as good or bad. It just is. There is no denying it, it just is. This is assisted by trying to understand WHY you think the way you do. There are causes for all of your thoughts and ideas. As you come to see the REASON for these things, it becomes easier to not judge them, and to simply understand them. As you come to really know and understand yourself, it becomes easier to re-claim your own mind, and not be driven by unconscious impulses and conditioning. Remember, all thoughts you have are limited vantage points that are the result of conditioning and limited experience. Don't take them too seriously. Play with them.
  5. this is why Cannabis is illegal.

    reality is so impersonal that it stings.

    who knows, maybe prohibition is for the best?

    truth can be toxic for some, others just want to enjoy the flowers:smoke::)

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