Your real world uses for the Invisibilty Cloak

Discussion in 'General' started by kannesss, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Unfortunately, Im pretty sure that owning an invisibility cloak would be illegal or impossible to get. Every government would save it for themselves because to be honest nothing good can come from an invisibility cloak, lol

  2. we've got to develop it ourselves...get to work stoners.
  3. i would haunt peoples houses making stupid generic woooo ghost sounds, then piss on their pace.
  4. Mess with conspiracy theorists you know I am glub I'm a lizard person I want you to go outside a pretend to be a chicken
  5. Drive around the city

    masturbate in the mcdonalds play pen
  6. Being invisible would be the best thing ever. Besides stopping time
  7. [quote name='"greenbrad420"']Drive around the city

    masturbate in the mcdonalds play pen[/quote]

    I lol'd^

    Id finally have anal sex with my girlfriend. She'd never see it coming. Literally.
  8. creep creep creep creep rape rape rape rape rape rape
  9. I'd wear it to the gym, and trip out all my workout buddies by squatting invisible:D Huge ass bar just lifts itself off the rack and start's goin up and down, I know i'd shit myself if I saw that.:D

    Of course there's also huge potential with motor vehicles. Get in a truck or something, and get on the interstate invisible. Eventually someone's gonna look over at you and realize no one's in the driver's seat.:smoke:

    Then you'd get the cops following you, and you could casually pull into a parking lot somewhere, open the door and peace out, and the cops would never get you, but would get to see a car park itself and the door open.:D

    Also riding your bike down the street would turn some heads.

    And of course infinite possibilities messing with people's houses. Like every day, you could go in and rearrange EVERYTHING, and of course rob someone of everything they own, if you were so inclined.

    I think i'd also take the opportunity to observe some raw, unvarnished human behaviour, the kind humans only exhibit when they believe themselves to be completely alone.

    And finally, I would take it to parties, and use it to steal people's beers from nowhere.:devious:
  10. how is anyone's first thought not something pervy?

  11. lotr is the shit bro

  12. I just didn't want to say the same things other people did. There are lots of fun things you could do with this.;)
  13. Does this include the removal of all indicators? (ir, no pressure on the floor, ect)

    If I was totally undetectable, I would infiltrate every high security building in the world.
  14. It just makes you invisible.

  15. They probably already have invisibility cloaks :smoke:

  16. I think op is saying if you were the only one with one

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