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Your reaction

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smotpoking, May 6, 2011.

  1. What would your reaction be if you found out your parents smoke pot?
  2. Couldnt tell ya. I already know my dad used to (used to do other drugs as well) and my mom tried it once in highschool and flipped the hell out lol.

    Funny thing is my mom is now a nurse and while she doesnt think its the best thing I could do she doesnt really have a prob with it... I cant smoke here or keep anything around due to her being afraid of her licensing tho.

    On the other hand my dad greatly frowns appon it and i have to watch what I say around him.... Personally when I told them, I expected the opposite reactions.
  3. with my mom: hypocrite haha...
    with my dad: quit trying to hide it dad i've known the past 5 years...

  4. My parents do toke 50 years old and still going, but my dads a dead head.
  5. surprised, seeing as the smell of it makes my mum almost throw up!
  6. Thats kinda surprising...i think bud (and bud smoke) smells great...all personal opinion tho!

  7. My dad used to be a stoner in his prime, and my mom feels mmj should be legal nationwide.

    I wouldn't really be surprised if I found out, would be pretty happy.

    I think if I found out, it would probably bring me closer to my dad (never really around in my childhood).
  8. Haha, yea love that smell.... Years ago back in high school I had a friend whos mom had nfc we were tokin up in the basement. She would come down with smoke in the air and just say "Thats some nice incense you guys have". Was hard as hell to keep a straight face and when she would go back up we'd bust out laughing.
  9. My parents grew up in the 60's and smoked more than my bro and I do. They are not regular smokers now but do on occasion and it was not a surprise at all. It's just pot, I wouldn't care if they did or not.

  10. Thats funny as hell...i woulda been like "oh yeah, they are reallyyy good incense..." Hahaha

  11. Even though it's just pot, still would seem shocking because it's parents. For my dad I wouldn't be surprised as my mom.
  12. My mom I would freak out, 0 chance of it happening hah. My dad doing it wouldn't surprise me too much, he was a huge smoker when he was a teen and lets me do it.
  13. I laughed, I walked in and my mom was high as fuck, my friend was like, "I fell on my board and I need to clean it" and my mom laughed and said "whoa man howd you do that"

    Edit: This was a while ago!
  14. I didn't read good

  15. Yea i get a semi sometimes. Haaaa!

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