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  1. So blades, you have a number from 1-10, where do you rate yourself and why?

    We'll go face/body/personality.

    I'd give myself 8.5, 7, 9.5 :D

    Edit: No pictures, I don't care what other blades think of you, I'm concerned with what you think of yourself.
  2. Haha you asshole :p
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    :) I thought it was clever

    For reals though 3/4.5/8.5
  4. 7.5/7/7.5

    You said where and why, but you didn't give any reasons for the ratings you gave yourself >_> Do tell.
  5. Oh, didn't really think of that. Well girls always tend to think I'm cute, so I kinda went off that whole vibe. I groom myself well, keep my facial hair to a certain style, keep in good shape (got a six pack but not skinny) but I have had cystic acne on my chest that's left some hypopigmented scars which isn't great, but I've learnt to accept.

    Because I've learnt to accept and be happy with who I am (or am getting there) I think my personality is my best trait :)

    Edit: I also had braces so my teeth are perfect straight and I brush them a lot, I like to smile so much that I sometimes get cheek cramps if I go out with friends. :D
  6. I'd have to say 7.5/7/8
  7. face- 8.5
    body- 7.5 tall, thin, but i have small boobs. dont know what you would rate that :confused:
    personality- 12!
  8. 8 face, colorful eyes good facial structure etc.
    id say 6.5 for body because most girls seem to like muscles and im just really thin haha...definitely better than being fat though imo
    i can make my personality a 9 and be super nice, but on a normal day id say like a 7
  9. 6.5/4/8

    I guess my face is okay, people say they love my eyes and smile.
    I'm plump, around 170-180. I think I could lose 30 or 40lbs. I hate being chubby. I've also veen told that I have big boobs lol.
    I think I have a nice personality, though I tend to listen more than talk.... Unless I'm fucking roasted of course ;D
  10. 10-ive got a beard, instant win
    7-I'm all skin and bones
    10-im fucking awesome.
  11. 9/9/9

    I don't have to explain shit
  12. 7/6/14

    because i'm awesome
  13. Face 8/ body 1/ personality 7 :D im all face and dirty jokes xD
  14. 7/8/8.5

    I think......
  15. 6/6/6

    Forreal doe.

    6 - Never was fond of it. And I wear glasses
    8.5 - I've had tons of compliments from lots of people on my arms. I have a some pretty decent abs too.
    9 - On the personality but only to certain people and people I'm comfortable around.
  16. 8/8/8 tall dark and stoned

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