Your privacy is being threatened.....?

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    are these terms something that all forums based out of the netherlands must abide by? 
    can these terms be changed to protect our privacy more from law enforcement?
    i asked RMJL about these terms a few days ago.....and thanks to the new forum i can tell my message was read, but i never received a reply. i take my privacy very seriously, as do many others.
    i live in the US, im not going into it about the patriot act, the recent stuff with the NSA, etc.
    what i am specifically talking about is what happens here on grasscity. if LEO requested information about a user here.....and if the district court of amsterdam authorized it.......than grasscity would have to comply, because it is in the terms & conditions.
    i really want some answers regarding what these terms & conditions actually mean for my privacy. and the privacy for all users on this board. as a grower, i do not find this very settling.
  2. Yes, if a Dutch court ruled the the information needed to be handed over to American authorities, GC would have to comply. But it has never happened, and there's no reason to believe that it ever will happen unless you're being supremely reckless with what you post here, i.e. showing off warehouse grows with personal information attached.
    What's the alternative? Posting on a site hosted in the US? It doesn't matter; you live in the US, they're watching everything (and have been for over a decade electronically, and even longer than that through telephone records), so any sort of dossier that want on you is already formed, including what you post here.
    The likelihood of them having dossiers on every weed grower that posts on the Internet is slim to none. There is just simply too much data to mine through.
    It would be more advantageous to learn how you can protect your data better on your end, than to expect GC to do it for you.
  3. There has never been privacy on the internet.

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  4. I agree with fighting for your rights, but you would have to do it in a more direct way if you want change. As for your privacy right now, I advise you simply stay careful about what you post etc.
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  6. GC is basically just covering their ass... Nobody is gonna look out for you, you have to be careful what you post and what you say.

    They're watching you. :ph34r:

    No, really. They are.

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  8. Yeah that seems sketchy, just becareful w what you post.
    Im wonderin tho, if your friend gets busted w alot, or just growin......well theyre prolly gonna look at his close friends.......will the NSA go through their emails, then see all the GC post and replys on there......then ask GC for everything he posted?? I mean shit, that could do some people in
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  11. The data collection center in Utah knows everything about us anyways... It doesn't matter what GC wants. America gets the information it wants. 
    Nobody is safe!
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    the gov't does...but to get busted for something as petty as growing marijuana.....or more serious, making concentrates...........the courts are going to need to have proof of of what you do. the more evidence the better. if GC was asked by the district court of amsterdam to render a particular users information because US authorities requested it....than GC has to comply.
    i guess im just going to have to speak with a mod/admin to figure out how to make myself a bit safer.
  13. I like where it says we cant talk about anything unlawful...
  14. well ive looked into it and there are other, similar forums that do not have privacy policies that seem as threatening as GC's.
 still waiting for a moderator/administrator reply. i at least want to hear what the other side has to say, because from my POV this marijuana counterculter forum's terms & conditions are completely fucked.
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