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your prices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by THCvision, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Just wondering, how much do you pay for a gram? My prices here suck. Its like $17 a gram and its not even dank its high mids. And no ones reliable. It's not all bad. I've heard of prices in other towns around me as bad as 75 a fucking eighth! It's dank but still thats way to high.

    Growing my own is not an option ATM, but that could change in time. Just not right now.
  2. $5 for schwag (once in awhile i can get mids for 5)
    $10 for mids
    $15 for high mids
    $20 for dank
  3. They actually charge $17? Every dealer i've ever bought from charges in incriments of 5 like $10, $15 and $20.
  4. 20$ - 3g
    40$ - 7g
    70$ - 14g
    140$ - 28g

    For some very dank ak-47:smoke:
  5. Oh look, its this thread again... :rolleyes:
  6. £10 for 1.2g beasters.
    £35 for 5.5g beasters.
  7. $10 for 1.8
    $20 for eigths
    $30 for quarters

    the price of mids has dropped recently
  8. $ 10/20 for mids is basic, i dont know what ur talking about prices dropping recently :confused: u must have been getting ripped off for ur mids then..
    anyway, around here the highest quality of bud is $30 a half 8th, $60 for an 8th.
  9. $4 seedless schwag
    $5-10 nice mids
    $10 decent dro
    $15 headies
    $20 danks
  10. #11 NJAllDay, Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 13, 2010
    prices skyrocketed here in town due to everyone being busted
    Really only beasters / headies / dank (passes through town every once in a while, not reg. though)
    prices uniform either way for the most part

    20 g (full if you actually know the person)
    60 for an 1/8, you can also get 4 for 60.
    Quarters around 110 for the beasters up to 130~ for the dank.
    really depends on if you know the person well, thankfully me and my guy are buds, and as such, get some pretty good deals.
  11. bc is so cheappppppp man three times cheaper than where im at
  12. its like the same in montreal LOL
  13. I should move to Canada... found this story about a kid from the midwest who made 38 mil with a couple buddies smuggling the cheap good weed from Canada to his hometown.. pretty interesting, I think a movie is rumored about it too... anyway here's the website if you guys want to check it out, or just google Nate Norman (the kid's name)
    Nate Norman Kid Cannabis - Pizza Delivery Boy Turns Into Drug Kingpin
  14. Its the same across all of canada. I love this country.
  15. I got an 8th of dank for 30 bucks here in MI
  16. i only buy dank so 20/g sometimes 15 if i get lucky
  17. $20 a G for dank
  18. Prices for dank:

    1 G - 20 sometimes 25
    Eighth - 50 to 65
    Quarter - 100 to 120
  19. Its usually 20 a g for some dank here... my friend is growing and i got a qp of danks for 300 :D :D :D 2.4ish a gram on danks :D :D so happy

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