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Your plans for 420?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Trevo4311, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. So last year I smoked on 419 and 421 but not on 420 because that happened to be the day I ran out. So this year im planning on going to my friends house and were gonna buy anywhere from an ounce to a QP and smoke it all.

    What are your plans? If you don't have any what do you want to do (other than smoke)?
  2. Wake up, blaze. Eat, blaze. Class, blaze. Eat, blaze. Class, blaze. Cruise, blaze. Eat, blaze. Drink, blaze. Party, blaze. Shower, blaze. Tv, blaze. Sleep. Blaze. Repeat.
  3. haha omerta that sounds good, im assuming tht i wont have weed on 420 i never do
  4. Ima buy an ounce like a few weeks ahead just so that i know i have bud for the 20th, and i plan on just chilling with a bunch of friends and stay baked all day!
  5. Do what I do everyday get stoned.
  6. thats 4 months away dude
  7. I have no plans.

    420 is a stupid day, where stupid stereotypical stoners prove themselves to be stupid.
  8. Yeah, 420 is like a field day for cops to catch stoners. All going to buy really big sacks to smoke way past their high point
  9. I will probably smoke after class then smoke again at night
  10. do what i always do everyday smoke and eat and stuff imbetween but 420 ill probably just take 1 huge rip and cough till i drop and continue on with my day ;)
  11. Well my dilema is i have many ideas for this years 420.

    Last 420 me and my ganja girl decided to buy a half oz and make cookies, we made 2 massive batches of cookies with plenty butter left over. unfortunatly my oven was acting wacky and we didnt properly baked the cookies. with the left over butter we made cake but then again!!!! oven wasnt heating right and it was uncooked. atleast we had extra frosting to eat lol.

    This year is for opportunities, ill be buying between 1/2 to a full oz, so heres my list.

    1.Make the first CLEAR super blunt. just lick and attach a bunch of clear papers to make a big paper and roll a massive blunt that you can astound stoners with and see the weed burning.

    2.Roll like 14, 1 gram joints and walk around our parliment building where our cities 420 celebration is being held. with the rest of the weed, buy a cheap acrylic bong with a massive bowl and just blaze with many other stoners.

    3. Attempt cooking again, i've moved to a different place so i have a different oven to use.

    4.20 (lol) Use 14 grams and make some sweet, sticky mind blowing oil and roll a massive joint and cover it with the oil

    give me your thoughts guys. which would be best.
  12. this, maybe dedicate a bong rip to 420 or something, but to me the day does not have much significance,

  13. :smoking::smoking:
    hell yeahh
  14. not really gonna do anything out of the ordinary besides maybe smoke a couple more bowls...:)
  15. i don't know dude, ill probably eat like 5 brownies and be set for the day
  16. It's actually 3 months away. I'll probably overdose that day.
  17. I'll be in basic.
  18. Make sure my ass doesnt go out of the house. In my city road blocks and drug dogs are out. Its worse then new years eve.
  19. 420 used to be cool with all the stoner parades and stuff. The cops wouldn't even dare to confiscate anyone's weed.

    Nowadays it's little freshmen kids trying to out smoke one another and acting a fool.
  20. Same around here the general concenus buy everything you want/need for 420 on 419. On 420 dont leave the place your getting fucked up at cause the police are out to get your ass.

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