Your Piece's Name?

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  1. I've noticed that some people are in the habit of naming their pieces, and some people are not. I am, and I thought it would be fun to make a thread where other people who name their pieces could show them off, as well as tell us what they named the piece(s) and, if there was a reason, why.

    Right now I just have one little pipe that I got about a year ago. I named it Alice, because we go down the rabbit hole together. Haha, cheesy I know.

    So, what did you name YOUR piece? :wave:

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  2. i named my spoon sting, like the sword in lord of the rings, because it glows whenever green things (supposed to be orcs) are near. i was extremely baked with my friend one day when i came up with that and it stuck. so now i have a pipe named sting.
    i knows its lame but w/e it gets me stoned. :D
  3. i named my bubbler bub. like "hey bub! thats my ass you're touching!"
  4. Mister Snookums

    No pictures, and too lazy to go get my camera.

    I was smoking out of my pipe at a party down at the river (we have bonfire parties every weekend) and I was standing right next to the fire taking a hit when some drunk bastard ran into me and I dropped my pipe into the fire, spilling it's contents into the fire as well and I yelled out "MISTER SNOOKUMS!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!" as I did that. Luckily, I wasn't drunk, so I quickly fished it out with some kindling and it was alright, but I lost the bowl. ;_;
  5. Blue grundle.

    my lil chode bowl..its small like a chode (grundle) and blue..!
  6. havent named it.. maybe I will lo;
  7. named my vape wall-e and my piece casper
  8. i named my mini bong jr haha
  9. my friends piece is named Arti, like Articuno that blue bird from pokemon lol cuz its like the same color
  10. When I get my EHLE bong, it will be named the "Bongulus" similar to Oculus
  11. I don't even have a name for my piece, it's a smalllish bub with pinkish-orange stripes wrapped around it. Oh well, I don't really need one.
  12. Bob ( I know so original) its a rasta colored spoon
  13. "The Green Latern" my bong and "Red" my spoon
  14. My bong's name is Shorty

  15. "my little friend"
    and my bong will be named "The Mind Eraser"
    call me gay I dont care
  16. I have a nice new spoon..first real glass piece I ever bought...Fez is what I call
  17. my 9mm = charlie
    my frosted glass pipe = frosty
    my bong = Sky
  18. Tight little bong man, and I have that same hoody haha.
  19. wow, this is gonna be really lame.
    my venom colored sherlock- legion
    my clear sherlock- perfect chaos (sonic)
    stone pipe- ordo (ctrl alt delete sillies)
    clear (poorly made) spoon- cloudy (from cool calm pete)
    my vape- gretel MK0 (timesplitters ripoff)
    homade hookah- breakfast (because I made it out of a jelly jar, you put milk in it, and it gets you toasted)
    big blue homemade bong- undine (nerd pride, bby.)

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