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Discussion in 'Pets' started by Shalom Salaam, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I know alot of you have pets and love them as much as I do. So post pictures of your wonderful animal friends here!

    Here is my Dog, Paws.

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  2. Im getting a kitten this week end, pics will be up def.
  3. Yea I used to have a golden retriever. And a pitbull mix. Dont have either of them anymore:(
    Thats a nice lookin dog you have, how old is it?
  4. ^^Could squash be any cuter?? Seriously, give some other pets a chance, squashy!! :p

    Here are my babies:

    Freckles, the fam's 15 year old cocker spaniel...sweetest dog ever

    Mr. Patel, my cat:

    his emo myspace pic:


    My fam has another cat, a long haired black and white tuxedo cat, Mickey...can't find any pics of him right now, though.
  5. My miniature schnauzer Lucy, my brother also has a Guinea pig but I don't have any pics atm.


  6. hehe. delaWHERE? I really want kitty. Squash is good with cats too. It would be good for both of us. She could bug the kitten instead of me. I love your cat's name! haha. Your cocker is so cute too!

    syntax, My parents have a minischnauzer too. She's solid black and just the cutest thing ever. Great dog!
  7. I actually have a bunch of pictures of my pets and friends, haha I guess I just get bored and take pics with my cell.
    BENITA - My friends Dog " Yo quito Taco Bell"



    Another friends Dog, named Mishka
    My current Dog, Midnight
  8. Lilith is my Girl.

    here we are on Halloween:


    (yeah so Im not mexican and lied in my intro thread...I blame rap music)

    and Acie is Squash's (dirtybong waters prilly gurl) little lover boy...we just adopted him in a rescue type situation:


    he is a farter!
    that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  9. [​IMG]MY FISHIES!!!
  10. my dogs a moron.
  11. I have two boxers, tiger and lily. yea tiger lily. family got real creative on that one. and then a cat named rascal. its mainly my sisters' so i dont deal with it much. ive got 6 siblings too. and i have to say about 4 could qualify as animals.
  12. I work at an animal shelter and if I had the space, I would have a couple dogs and cats myself. Being a college student and all doesn't really help.

    We just recently had to put down my doggie from back home. She was 12 years old, german sheperd/husky mix. Size/body shape/structure/paws/tail/love of winter was her husky side. Her markings/ears/snout/intelligence were all her shepherd traits. Mmm... Her name was Sassy.

    Spay and neuter!
    Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die! (Adopt from local shelters!)

    *steps down from soapbox*
  13. euphorbia, you sexy bitch. Nice bra. I know we talked about Lilith but I haven't met her yet! We shall rectify that soon.

  14. she is a good girl. I havent really held her since the mammal (leave us derdy humans) smell got introduced into our house. Not sure how she is going to react. I'll find out tomorrow.
  15. I couldn't agree more...schnauzers are such cute very intelligent. my dog is such a quick learner, and just about the nicest dog ive ever met.
  16. Well thank GOD you're not mexican...i mean, midget prostitutes i can deal with, but MEXICAN midget prostitutes?!?!!?

    Thank you for redeeming yourself, euphorbia! We can be friends now! (You know, english-speaking, totally-not-mexican friends....)
  17. We use to have a couple of red belly piranhas, Petey and Polly. (we didn't really know their sex) We fed them large goldfish. It was brutal to watch them feed. One day Petey just snaped and ate Polly. We kept Petey for a few months after that and decided to sell him to a pet store as a display fish.


    edit: :laughing: @ delaWHERE? :smoke:
  18. ^^^ Pirahnas can be some crazy fish. Here's my dog Golden Girl. I also have cows, horses, chickens, fish and cats.

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  19. I have a Pug named Razzy, she's the ugliest bitch in the world, but I love her.
    And I also have a chinchilla named Chachi... I posted a picture of him with my homemade bong a while back...
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