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Your personal session ritual.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by boobtree, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Do you have a personal ritual that you go through at least once a day? What is your personal favorite way to smoke and why? How long do you usually have a solo session for, And do you smoke fast or take your time? How much weed/oil per session on. Light, medium, heavy, and average session. Tell us!

    Personally, I cannot enjoy my smoke properly unless I have some jammin tunes. I smoke for about 25 minutes per session and smoke quite a lot, about thee nice fat bowl packs in a slide. I smoke relatively fast and need a Gatorade to aid in wettin' the whistle.
  2. I like to smoke joints, my usual routine is just to roll and then smoke. Gotta have my iPod. I like juicy grape papers and I always use filters
  3. Toke, Inhale, Exhale.
  4. Typically load up my vape and play TF2 or Tribes Ascend, usually listening to classic rock in the background. I almost always load up around 10:30pm.
  5. When i have a smoke session at my house by myself, ill often find a good song to blaze too(preferably new), then i light an incense, spark the bowl, and get lost in thought
  6. 1. Smoke a bowl while listening to some tunes.
    2. Chill and roll a joint.
    3. Depending on my mood, either relax or cruise, and then smoke the joint.
  7. Usually go out to the smoke shed and close the doors turn the lights on and hit the bong
  8. same as buckgrower but i be hittin joints
  9. Ill smoke the ocaisonal joint too but i got sick of smoking a gram and getting as high as i would in a few bong rips
  10. I load up my bong in my room, then play video games or work on some songs im writing
  11. Procrastination, water, locked door, music. Lots of procrastination.
  12. I sacrifice a pig to the god of weed every time.
  13. It only counts of you make bacon 'cause you need some cap'n munch.
  14. Lately, the ritual has involved blazing up, then immediately putting on the Sports album by Huey Lewis & the News. It's nutty, but when high that record takes on a depth and complexity that was previously unsuspected (by me, at least).

    You might be laughing now, but try it yourself & see.:)
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    I just recently started smoking in my bathroom, and one of the pros that come along with that is comfort. Canadian winters suck when it comes to smoking outside. I guess my "ritual", or routine, would be; grind my bud, prepare my bong/bubbler/whatever I choose to smoke out of, grab my spoof, put a towel under the door, and sitting back with my headphones in and relax. This is usually at about 12-1am.

    I don't like to rush my sessions so I'll usually take about 30-45minutes, finishing off anywhere from half a gram to three.
  16. I go out to smoke every night at around the same time, ~10pm. I can't take too much time because i'm in public, but my spot is pretty secluded. I generally smoke 1 bowl from my bong, about .3g. I almost always put a bit of kief on top to get me stoned in that heavy Indica way. Then i go play GTA/ watch a movie/ post on GC. And my roomate is usually asleep by then and he's the heaviest sleeper in the world, so I smoke a small pipe bowl in the room at around midnight.
  17. I usually load my spoon with a fat bowl or three. Smoke that and watch something on netflix then play some tf2 and get some munchies.
  18. I Love to pack a nice bowl at about 6:30 smoke it then at about 9:30 go smoke a small bowl and lay down because a small bowl fells crazy an hour b4 you sleep:p:smoke:.
  19. weekday sesh: usually smoke half a bong bowl (to be revisited a few hours later to maintain the high), make tea, have something healthy to eat
    i like to take showers and have music playing constantly

    weekend sesh: smoke usually a whole bowl, smoke hookah, drink a lot of tea and maybe a smoothie, chill the fuck out all day to music and snacks and stuff? maybe go for a walk with a clove if it's nice out.

    all this is different if i'm getting high with my buddies, but. you know.

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