Your Perfect Session?

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  1. I roll up a few fat jays of white rhino and put on some nice tunes. read a little philosophy. sittin out on my porch in the sunlight. a good burger waitin for me inside. thats my perfect sesh
    what about you guys?
  2. Smokin a blunt/joint or a few bowls with a few buds in my backyard all of us sitting down on chairs chillin in the moonlight, talking for however long we want, then going back inside and eatinga shit tona nd then falling asleep or smoking more.

    Love that shit
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    Rolling 10 blunts with some frosty purp. Chill wherever we are toking for however long we want. Hophelly the blunt wrap is purple haze or wet mango.

    Homies only. No lingering. After smoking maybe hit up Zaxby's. After that smoke more and go to an amusement park on a day with chill ass weather.
  4. There's nothin like gettin baked with your pals, then eatin a few pizzas, talkin about weed and shit. haha I'm gonna go toke up now :D
  5. In this place with a close friend or two. And just cloud watch.
  6. During the day:Roll a nice blunt. Go out back and enjoy it. Come back inside and listen to music on the computer.

    At night: Smoke a blunt in my room. Watch a good movie. Listen to music. try not to eat alot ( but i wind up eating alot anyways), go to sleep. Wake n bake with the roach.
  7. Shit GodSpeeed
    that looks like heaven right there
  8. Sit out on the bluffs above the lake with a friend and just keep smoking and talking until we lose track of time.

    Honestly, anywhere with a view smoking/talking. Also love to do it alone, lets me clear my mind like crazy and have some amazing thoughts. I really should write some of the shit I think of down.
  9. smoking with a couple of friends on a cold winter night outside, november is a good month for that i seriously can't wait
  10. Smokin a blunt by myself at night and going inside to play xbox live while blastin sum good ol hip hop
  11. Wherever that is, I want to be there
  12. roll a few joints. Maybe Silver Haze and bring along a bowl pack of some good purp. Sit on on my porch and watch the sun go down over the hills. Call up one or two good friends and drive to taco bell. Listen to some good tunes. Contemplate existence and meditate while listening to whale calls. Maybe have my gf over and watch a movie.

    I'm a very zen smoker. I prefer relaxing activities while baked to going on crazy adventures or partying.
  13. Fuck that shit;

    Go to a nice beautiful open field, surrounded by nothing - nobody in sight - nobody to bug you, take a music player or a car with subs and blare that[haha] listen to some good old classical tunes. Drop some acid eat some shrooms and MDMA, sit there with my very best friends, get a roor out - start hitting it, pass a few blunts around wiped in sizzurp - smoke some DMT, eat some motherfucking superman ice cream and watch the sky all night. Have some enlightening talks, get some retrospect on the universe we live in and talk about our fears and loves. Then make love to a really beautiful lady, but she also has to have an enlightened mind and be smart[what I consider smart, atleast] and have a good personality.

    Then go sky diving.

    For The motherfucking Win.
  14. Shit son, Quote for the truth.
  15. I don't mess around with this shit.
  16. at night, with a table full of people that have never met before but have all lived interesting lives, and just share stories all night while smoking nice bongs all night
  17. to each his own.
  18. smoking hookah with my sister and talking catching up on about family time eh?:D
  19. just chillin on my patio with a few of the boys, nice and sunny outside, around 2pm, with not shit to do all day, about 3 or 4 blunts rolled. maybe break out into some freestyle for a bit. then go grab some food. being high during the day is one of the greatest things ever

  20. It is heaven it's a meadow with the tree of life altough I did assume it would be a 30 foot tall Marihuana tree :)

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