Your Perfect Girl

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  1. I'll start

    5' 8"
    Curly dark brown hair
    Green, or dark brown eyes
    Perky B cup rack
    Fat ass, well toned, well shaped
    Small hands
    Mix of athletic/curvy body
    Light tan
    Muscular legs

    Very smart
    Likes to smoke
    Willing to try anything once
    Reads alot

    Whats yours?
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  2. Me. I would totally date myself.
  3. Can I do my perfect guy..
    He is 6'2
    175 lbs
    An asshole but has a good heart
    Always looks out for me
    Loves me unconditionally
    My best friend
    My smokin partner
    My partner in crime
    he's Mexican
    Has Thick ass eyebrows :)
    N Sexy ass lips
    N Beautiful hazel eyes
    Every1 calls him Mister
    N he calls himself my husband
    Which makes me the Misses
    I love my baby so much
    Ur perfect for me!
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  4. Perfect guy is cool too. Your physical descriptions 100% describe me, too bad im a white boy.
  5. So ur the whiteboy version of my husband.. Cool :)
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    You show me the perfect woman and Ill show you the guy who is tired of fucking her.
  7. Jeanie from I dream of jeanie,i dont think you can beat that unless you find a woman who has buds for hairs and produces ice cold beer with her boobs.
  8. I've already met her........
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  9. Bohemian Chicks
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    Yay someone did a guy on here. Lol. I met my perfect man. But the ones I am attracted to..

    Talk, like 6'3(+)
    Smart, (love smart nerdy)
    Has goatee
    Brown hair
    Green or brown eyes
    Round eyes more then oval
    Built yet has meat. I like huskyish:p.
    Gets along with family, mine&theirs
    Not a pushover
    Strong minded
    Strong willed
    Can beat you up if they want
    Very sweet&nice to me
    Gives lots of attention
    I like chest hair
    Likes punk and classic rock
    Smoked pot
    Cocky dick, but not to me
    Share same views on life
    Wants kids
    Damn... This is a long list.
  11. my wife

    totally addicted to her
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  12. The girlfriend I have now is the perfect girl. Iv been with her for a year we never fight or argue no stupid drama. Its amazing girls like her are rare most girls by me are stuck up sluts who have been passed around Like a joint at snoop dog concert . She don't smoke but she's tottaly fine with me smoking I'm like sweeeet .

  13. This is what kills me. Nice guys just aren't as attractive as assholes :(
  14. I don't fucking know or care

    but it seems to me that most people are influenced by the porn they watch, the television, magazines.

    It's all bullshit.
  15. Thats not what attracts me.. That is just a trait that my husband aka my perfect boy has.. I accept him 100% for who he is.. The bad shit to.. N in a marriage u have to grow to love that shit..or atleast accept it... Or u will be miserable for the rest of ur life..
  16. Yup. That was who i first thought of.

    Throw in another pic for shits n giggles

  17. Lol females
  18. I was describin my husband..cuz he is my perfect guy.. Thats not what I look for

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