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What would your parents do if they found out you smoked?

  1. Be furiously mad

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  2. Be upset

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  3. Not mind

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  4. Pass their blunt to you

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  1. Just wonder how everyone elses parents might react if they new you smoked....for those that are incredibly old and wrinkly (above 30) this poll still applies :D

    P.S. if your parents already know u can put their reaction when they found out
  2. My Mum is a very sweet lady, but for someone who grew up in the 60's she should have some idea about drugs....right? WRONG!! My Mum has no idea about anything unless I explain it to her.

    She is totally against drugs and ciger's and alchole and sex before marriage etc etc. I broke all her rules and she was devasated about all of them!!

    To this day, if she see's a bong or a bag or even some crumbs of herb she will react like it's the first time she has seen it. I have to say it's all wearing a bit thin but I guess that's just the way she is. Very dramatic!! Considering I'm a adult now (23) with a family of my own.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Mum and she's always there for me. But when it comes to drugs we clash head on. She won't accept and I won't quit. I never smoke in front of her and I use 'clear eyes' to hide my stoness, I do everything to try and keep her in that bubble, it's the only way she can cope. It's the game we have been playing for years!!! :)
  3. My dad would shit. Gold bricks. I don't even smoke cigs around them. Or let my friends for that much. I maybe 30yrs, but I got to respect him, even if I'm breaking the rules that don't apply to me. If they come to my house, I air out the house for at least an hour before they get there, just to be sure.

    It's funny. My dad will "POP" into the bar where I work. I have had numerous times where I just dump my cig on the floor and step on it. Patrons think its crazy, but I ask them, if I know he's on his way, don't smoke and don't cuss till he leaves. I give them a little extra-extra for complying.
    He hates that I work there...but the money is good. So, he doesn't complain...but I can tell.

    We also have the "employee" bathroom. It's well known what we use it for. I call it the "breakroom" cause dammit, drunks get on my nerves 10hrs at a time!
  4. my paretns caught me and I was grounded for a week bleh;
    can't wait till i move out.
  5. My parents don't care because i'm 38 and have been on my own since i turned 18. I have made good of my life and do what i can to help others. Life has been good to me and don't mind spreading my good fortune with those in need.
  6. well i'm 49, so if smokin weed was the worst thing i'd ever done they would be happy as hell. in fact, since i quit drinking 5 years ago they are pretty happy.
  7. My mom has caught me twice with weed. First time, when I was 12, I just had a long talk to. Sencond time which was when I was 16. She grounded me for a month and lost all trust in me. Sucked, everytime I would walk in the house after going somewhere she would look at my eyes and talk to me for a bit seeing if I was acting strange. A good excuse for your eyes is you are sick, but that only works for so long.

    Luckily no large amonts of weed was taken. First time only about a dime and the second just a joint.
  8. I'm (*EDIT RMJL) but I think my mom only objects to me smoking pot because it is illegal. My mom found some in my drawer and took it and said "Did your brother get you to do this?" "Um, yeah..." "This is illegal, don't do it..." I was like "okay." If I hadn't lost like a dime I would've been fine, but oh well I spent her money on it. Heh...I think she took the stuff and smoked it. My Dad on the other hand would be pissed if he found weed...
  9. I finally just told my mom. I'm 21, so it's a bit different then at 16, when i was scared shitless if they found out. My father already thinks the worst of me, so he already knew. It was a big ass relief when they found out, cuz now I don't have to worry if Im fucked up and theyre around
  10. i told my dad i smoked and we went and bought a bag from this guy i know and then we smoked a few joints and then he let me drive HIS truck to a party it was actually a very cool night
  11. A little while after i started smoking, i told my mom, and she said that as long as i didn't spend all my money on it, and that my grades didn't drop-that she wouldnt say n e thing about it. But, out of respect, i never smoke when she's home, or in the house. i love her, and she's be pissed about that. since our first chat tho-its never been bought back up. My dad on the other hand-thank God i don't live w/ him. He was a cop for 18 yrs....
  12. My parents are cool although I think its an unspoken understanding more than passing a doobie. =)

  13. my mom isn't a big fan of me smoking. She bitches at me all the time. The only time she ever took anything off of me it was a 8th of NL and my chrome bowl, she gave it to my dad, but my dad gave it right back to me. Funny stuff.
  14. My parents know ive done it. And I think they know I still smoke. But it's hell to pay if they catch me stoned or drunk.
  15. SHit if my mum knew she'd kick my ass then i'd get my ass kicked outta the house.. i'm very sneaky except for the time i was sitting by her very fucking baked that was interesting... :)
  16. My dad is a stoner so when he found out he told me just to be responsible and use good judgment. I have to go out on the porch to smoke, and i have to keep my grades up. Other than that, its cool. Oh yeah, he also told me to talk to him before taking other drugs. I hate drinking and tobacco and he knows it so that helped.

    My friends parents on the other hand, they just don't get it. The first time he got in trouble was when he came home from my house and smelled like pot. Then they forbid him to hang out with me or any of my friends FOREVER! What the hell, i was the one who kept him from taking hard drugs. They like 2 weeks later, she flushed 2 oz of mid-grade down the toilet. He ran away but his parents found him. Then they made him start seeing a therapist. They took away his computer and he can't be home alone now. They also took off his doorknob and re-arranged his room. He's like grounded forever. The sad thing is, the more they take awayj, the more likely he is to smoke.
  17. I'm not sure if my parents know or not. the topic has never officially come up, but we've had discussions about pot vs alcohol and the laws, etc. so i don't think they'd get too upset if they did know i smoke. Since I quit my drinking and snorting, I am a much healthier, more stable person and they see that, so no, I don't think they'd care. Plus, I'm an old wrinkly over-30 ;) so there :p :smoking:
  18. before i got busted
    my mom found my pipe
    i smell like weed
    i went to jail
    after a year of probation im back
    i still smell like weed
    they saw my plants
    i told them i smoke
    and after all that i feel great, its like its cool just dont do it infront of me.
  19. Wow... i don't know how my parents would react really if they found out I smoked pot. My dad would rip off my head off, but I could see my mom asking me about it and wanting to smoke it w/ me after they had known for awhile lol... my mom's pretty cool.. I'm kinda considering telling her i smoke cigs. Both my parents were little goodies back in highschool, neither of them have tampered w/ any drugs....
  20. i've had a couple of close calls but never been caught. my parents are kind of ignorant about it anyway. if i did get caught they would probably just be really disappointed.

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