Your Parents Thoughts On Weed

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  1. So, what do your parents think of you smoking, other people smoking, or just weed in general? My dad is ridiculous when it comes to pot. He thinks it comes from terrorist types who lace it to kill the children in America. (He grew up with a brother on unmentionables, so I cut him SOME slack) I'm past trying to convince him, id rather smoke in peace without his consent. And as far as my mom goes, she doesn't know enough about it, but still thinks that its bad.
  2. Dad smokes , mom doesn't care.

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    Damn I just had a thread about this a few days ago haha. But anyway. my parents used to smoke until my dad used crack when I was younger. Now, my dad is sober and now they just drink. There were instances where my mom smoked a lil' discreetly with some family members since she sees nothing wrong with the herb. idk how my dad feels about it tho since he never talks about it.
  4. 30 years ago when I was still a teen I had an all out war with my parents for stealing weed from me. needless to say it was time to move out, My folks were Bikers.
    I grew 180 bag ass plants outdoors and got away with it so I had money to cover rent on my own place.
    My dad is cool, my mom is in her 70's and im going to take her some home grown bud and make her some edibles today.shes in lots of pain.
  5. I hate that people see drinking in better light than pot. I'm glad our generation is much more open minded.
  6. dad: its a privilege you earn after taking care of your responsibilitys.
    mom: it's not the worst thing, but I still don't like it. (you can throw all the medical facts at my mom but she'll just shake her head.)
  7. Fuck yea, I'm glad too.
  8. Sorry to hear that. But at least the herb can help right ? Lol
  9. lol
    fukin hate it

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  10. its soo annoying when someone is too stubborn to listen to the facts.
  11. im hoping she comes around sooner than later, shes had neck surgery recently and all the meds she was on were really conflicting with one another, told her a bowl would ease her pain alot more gently but I guess she tried weed once when she was a teenager and she said she got all paranoid rofl. smh
  12. I only got paranoid one time but I got over it.
  13. Well my mom and step dad are a couple of oldschool stoners, they smoke every day, and my dad, who i live with now, used to do all kinds of shit, but he doesn't want me doing it, which is ironic seeing as to how he buys my cigarettes (I'm 19 but don't have my ID), and sometimes booze... He says "you can do it outside, but i don't want to know about it"... It's unrealistic to keep it outside the whole time, especially with this wind... He says they can take the house (which we're already on the verge of losing) if a cop sees weed in it... Idk how bullshit that is, but I grind my shit up inside, and i keep it inside... I feel like he knows I'm smoking, but he feels he can't do anything about it because I'm 19, and I'm also following his rules (as far as he knows)... I only smoke inside at night so i don't wake anyone up opening the loud ass door... But, as i said, I do keep, and grind it up inside... I don't think I'm doing anything wrong here, and i just think that he accepts that I'm gonna do it anyways... I just wish he was cooler with me smoking inside, where it's safer to smoke... But getting out every once in a while is nice... Now, my mom and step dad, I've smoked with them on MANY occasions... Not too long ago, actually... But they live a state over

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  14. My mom thinks that weed isn't an alternative to all the medicine. It sucks because my grandpa takes a couple vicoden a day, but the media has them convinced.
    Yea I go over every Sunday, we have a good lunch and watch football, mom is going to be pain free today..
    gonna get some cookie dough at the store and bake them at her house, throw good bud right into each cookie..
  16. My parents thoughts on weed? If I come in the house with it I have to share or they'll bug the shit out of me until I do.
  17. they think it will kill me
    or make me pregnant
  18. My dad cried when he first found out i smoked, and then blazed up with me two years after..
    So I am really unsure, but couldn't care less
  19. Cool as fucking hell.
    LOL I spat out my coke at this :laughing:

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