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Your parents said that weed will never get you anywhere

Discussion in 'General' started by Blocko, May 26, 2004.

  1. pfft. I just got my grades back, and by the looks of it, it seems that blazing every day didn't harm my average one bit.

    This is 2nd year university too. Not High School.

    so umm, hooray for me! And such.
  2. Very cool..
  3. nice man, real nice :)
  4. Sweet very sweet, get rid of that stoner stereotype. :)
  5. smoking the dirty weed, throwing your life away
  6. Damn stoned teenagers!
    Will never get anywhere the way they are going!
  7. Hmm... It might lower what your grade could've been though...

    But weed definately doesn't make us morons.... for most people anyway
  8. YAY! That's great! Hooray-hoorah for you!!!!! :D You should be proud....wait, you are. Then, you should be high! :D

    When I was in college, my grades were great....(and I was stoned for most of my time there.) They were even greater when I did my papers and such while high. I wouldn't do tests while high unless I was for certain that they were strictly essay, though.
  9. hah for real. I just had my best semester ever in school.
  10. when i do my work when im high i understand it better.pot only enhacnes your sences. therefor e if you are concintrateong it will only make you think harder.
  11. Oh I know that if I tried I'd be an A student easily. But the fact of the matrer remains that why bust my ass to get A's that will not benefit me in the long run, when I can blaze all day, have a good time and still get B's?

    My grades won't be published on my degree, the extra 20% in marks won't benefit me or put me at a disadvantage at all. So why bother?
  12. The day I got my SAT results is the day I stopped studying.

  13. I remember the day I got mine...
    That was a good day...
  14. my parents thought I cheated. So they gave me an IQ test.

    I proved them wrong :D

  15. AHAHA!!!
    Same thing happened with mine...

    I think they had a bet going with each other...
    "Told you he wasn't THAT stupid... Now pay up..."

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