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Your Own Bi-polar Smoker Is Gonna Be On Jenny Jones!! Come Inside For Details :)

Discussion in 'General' started by Bi-Polar_smoker, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Heres the whole story BLAdez and bladiez

    In california (whereI live) I am a known rap artist. Recently I was asked to be on the american television show Jenny Jones. I was also in the newspaper...What I am looking just some support..and I couldt think of anywhere better for support then the city. :)

    For those that are interested..

    the show airs APRIL 21st at 1:00 pm Western time

    I go by the stage name manic.....I'm the white kid with spikey blonde hair and a red outfit..The best opn the show I might add....HEHEHEH

    THanks guys....WATCH IT IF YA CAN

    Check your local listings for what channel it is...i think it is WB or fox...I dont know sorry guys...

  2. No way!!! That rocks, Bi-Polar!!! That's Monday! I'll probably have to record it but I will watch it, for sure. I can't remember if she comes on WB or Fox here but I'll find out so I won't miss it.

    Congrats for being on TV!!! :) You have my support, Bi-Polar.
  3. OH DAMN! we have a celebrity. :) lol, well good luck and have a ton of fun! im sure you will. Ill try to be watching for sure!

  4. no way man..I was just stating that I am 1 of the few white kids on the shows...proud of bein

    nuthin wrong with it....well anyway gonna go blaze a j of some hogsbreathe

    peace guys and WATCH IT IF YA CAN..LOL
  5. Cool....

    If you come out as "Bi-Sexual_Smoker...
    you can be on Jerry Springer next
  6. Some how I dont find that too funny??

    maybe its just me...but bi-polar is a mental disorder thats not to be made fun of man..

    sorry guys...just felt alittle offended
  7. what are you on the show for? is it possible that your not the father of your baby? or does someone have a secret crush on you???

    maybe oyu made fun of some ugly chick in highschool thats now a hottie!
  8. i assume hes performing.. ?

  9. I hope he's performing, but with the TV talk shows she may ambush him with a secret gay crush from one of his friends.:D

    just joking.
  10. have you already filmed the show bi-polar? if not good luck with it. i have class so i probably won't catch the show though.
  11. i vote BiPolar should record the show and post it up for us all to see it.. whos with me? :)
  12. rumjilly, pokie,budhead,critter,puffy....sensi,zia,stylez,omg this is endless, anyone remind me about this show please.

  13. Bi-Polar...I don't think anybody meant anything by that. It's a serious thing to have to deal with and I'm sure no one meant any real disrespect.

    Higha...are you asking about the show? Jenny Jones...blonde chick, bad boob job that had to be undone, some dude killed another dude cause he 'fessed up that he really liked him on national TV...are you remembering it now? Or do you want someone to remind you on Monday? I'm high, Higha...I'm doing what I can here! LOL! ;)
  14. yea i really dont think that anyone meant anything by it, and im sure their sorry.
  15. i dont think he was serious if he thought it was a serious issue i dont think he would put it in his name im pretty sure he was kidding if not my bad
  16. thats so tight! i promiss I will watch it.....
  17. o sweet i thought i was gonna miss it causes its on monday and i have school... but fuck in dont school., that sweet as hell.
  18. i went to t.v to look what channel on and couldnt find i know im eastern time so thats makes it 4 instead of 1 right ???? anyone near me know what channel it is on??
  19. found it it is on NOW !!!!!!! channel 11 it started 9 a.m
  20. i missed ur intro but saw ur battle. they should have had a winner like u vs. the other kids to and then u get a recond contract if u win. You were awsome though, man u beat that kid easy.

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