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Your Ouija Board Experience?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by trueweedsmoker, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. What is your Ouija Board experience?  I felt it would be cool to hear?
    Did you have a scary moment? Was you haunted after?  ETC..
    Ouija Board Do's and Donts<click>

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    No, because their actually bullshit...i mean their novelty items and are made by people like Parker Brothers

    how they work? ideomotor response...

    here's a quick video on how they actually work

    and heres the full Penn & Teller Bullshit! episode on them

    these things have been debunked time and time again...Harry Houdini (after his mother died) went on a hellbent 'crusade' debunking all kinds of paranormal nonsense, he even proved these boards fake a few different times....
  3. Threads about Ouija Boards belong in the hobbies section of GC, not here.  Board games don't fall under beliefs, religions, spirituality at all.
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    the other person always moves the thing.. (that person is usually me)
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    I used to believe in that stuff and while I don't doubt there is evil out there it's not going to start answering to a silly mass sold board. And fake or not I don't see the fun in trying to summon a demon.
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    did it when i was like 10...

    my buddy must have moved it, but i believed it was some bad spirit and heard loud growling noises outside my bedroom for a week. also it was hard to fall asleep every night, cus id enter lucid dream and see the same black caped shadow figure holding a candle. its like my consciousness tunnels towards this figure and once im uncomfortably close to it i twitch in bed from fear and wake up.

    my parents didnt believe me, so after school one day i walked to grandmas house and she ripped it into 7 pieces and threw it in the fire. after burning the ouija board, the noises and visions stopped...

    freaky shit, but it was probably fear taking over my 10 year old mind, making me create false scenes in my consciousness
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    you really need a hobby why do u follow me around making negative comments.......IT'S A FORUM.....MAYBE IT CAN GO in other areas, but It belong in Religion.....I think you understand!  
    If you like, I would totally understand if you do not want to enter the posts I make anymore....
    Paranoid much?  I don't follow you or anyone around.  I am a regular on GC and have been for a long time.  I post when and where I please.  I'm especially active in the politics and religious sections.  You will find it difficult to find threads in either section that I haven't responded in.  
    Since it is well known and understood by rational people that Ouija boards aren't really portals to communicate with the dead, then this thread belongs elsewhere....not here.  As you can see from the other people who have responded, they all agree with me.
    Seriously, get over this stalking paranoia you have.  I have no particular beef with you.
  9. My buddy and I made a ouija board in French class once. Some girl crumbled it into a ball and threw it away. So my buddy and I retrieved it and put it in her purse like a month later.

    Needless to say, French was one of my favorite classes that year.

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  10. I live on a very old property and anytime me n buddies used it we got alot of activity and I refuse to play again based on the things it would say

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  11. Might I mention me n buddies didn't believe anything would happen and once I experienced it with my own eyes I do believe it has changed some of my views. there wasn't any bullshit involved and I think it's just something you dont believe until you yourself have a proper experience with it

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    your buddies moved the thing..
  13. No they didn't and it was saying very personal things that neither of them could have known nor would they have wants to cuz none of us had used one before and we wanted to see the true effects plus we could all see no ones hands were touching it

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  14. I believe you can connect w spirts through that board......but its either gonna be good or evil.....and most likely evil. So I dont fuck w em
  15. I never understood why they used a picture of a Sun for yes and a Moon for No. Or Light for yes and Darkness for No.
  16. Eh, two friends of mine and I all went to the local graveyard, had a few shots, and did the board on a gravestone. 
    Kinda just spooked the shit out of us, haven't been near one since. 
  17. Me and this girl went into an abandoned house and she made a ouija board out of loose leaf paper and marker and thought it would work -_-
  18. You gotta be in a place that could be doesnt work everywhere. Ive heard some weird stories about em, but you cant believe everything people tell you.

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