Your Opinions On Inhalants?

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  1. Well, I just want to find out what people think about this kind of drug. I'll first start off with yes, i've done dust off. A few times. Matter of fact, i did some yesterday. It is such a fun feeling, but so dangerous. The first few times I took it, i felt it but it wasnt like the other day. Me and my friend were about to smoke, but we wanted to get that feeling. So we took a few deep inhales, we were both jsut vibrating and it was so wierd. I never took as much as i did the other day. My friend cut his lip really bad, this stuff is no joke. He took a few many inhales and was trippin everywhere. He smashed his face twice into his lizard cage, and fell down about a 30 foot hill of sticks and rocks. We blaze in this spot were theres like a trail, and next to the trail theres a huge hill that goes into the water. He fell pretty far, and got pretty dirty and some bruises. I havent seen him since then, im proly guna talk to him today. He does this stuff more then me, and i've never seen anyone just like collapse everywhere. It was crazy. Im about to smoke a few blunts guys, peace. Just trying to keep all you guysd away from this stuff.
  2. I'm sorry, but only an absolute moron would inhale dust off or anything like it. What's getting you "high" is just killing your brain cells. If you want to do an inhalant, I would suggest nitrous. Even nitrous can have terrible effects on your nervous system though if you do tons of it all the time, so be careful. My advice is to just smoke weed.
  3. Yeah dust off is bad news..
  4. Random death syndrom is very real, and that's all I have to say.
  5. Solvents are for losers.

    Don't become one.
  6. Dust off contains ether, the stuff that people use to kill animals for their fur.

    You sound like a very dumb kid and have a good chance of dieing soon if you keep it up, I guess it's worth the 10 second buzz though.
  7. i agree
  8. relax.. if you actually read his post you'd know that he's trying to warn people
  9. imo inhalants are just stupid and pointless , its doing more bad for you than good.

    ever since i seen my uncle being rushed to an ambulance after blacking out , i knew i wouldnt do it , people have asked , i distance myself from those people , i dont wanna be around when they hit the ground.
  10. a kid I used to go to school with's sister had to be hospitalized for months cuz she was inhaling duster and was too fucked up to know when to stop
  11. I've never touched the stuff, and wont
  12. Inhalants, the poor man's high. Inhalants are dangerous, I'd rather stay in the safety zone of pot. :D
  13. Thats so Junior High, if ur gonna do something like that then just go do some mescaline or least the death rate is lower....inhalents are short lived highs and dont offer anything besides deteriating your brain.
  14. "Your Opinions On Inhalants?"

    My first opinion on inhalants is that a thread about them does not belong in a forum that is about Recreational Marijuana Usage. So, I'm moving it.
    My next opinion, and it's MY opinion...they suck and I've watched people literally get STUPID from doing them.
    To each his own.
    Just remember that the City does not condone or encourage the usage of them.
  15. yo man, im saying there bad news.
    sorry about the thread man.
    im just stoned and having a good time.
    :smoking: :smoking:
  16. yep

    stay loyal to mary jane
  17. Well I've only inhaled dust off, whippits and some DVD cleaner shit, but anywho yea it is fun but that ringing in your ears SUCKS.

    Not only that my friend got mad nose bleeds from dust off and had to go to the clinic one time because she slumped over and shit it was really bad, I don't do it anymore.
  18. To each his own. I would never do it, but, whatever blows the wind up your dress...
  19. My opinion?

    it's a drug of desperation and stupidity
  20. for sure man, i dont even think bums do it. lol

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