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Your Opinion On Which Strain? :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dembonez, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. I'm looking to go to my local dispensary tomrrow and while seeing what they have i noticed none of them are a heavy heavy 90%+ sativa. So i was curious if you guys could reccomend me the two best sativas out of the list. and why :) 
    White Shark 60S/40I
    Vanilla Kush 60S/40I
    skunk #1 80/20
    Chocolate Thai 80/20
    Out of these four which two would you say offer the most "head" buzz and what were the benefits of each! :) 
    Thanks! :D

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    probably the ones with the highest sativa genetics .. id go with the skunk#1 and vanilla kush out of that list ... always wanted to try some skunk #1
  3. Skunk and Thai. I'd personally take the chocolate Thai, that sounds awesome

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  4. You would think the numeric s would leave the answer to cut and dry. Sadly however after some research people are saying despite the "
    sativa" title some of these strains really knock people out. White shark and vanilla kush for example. So i was more asking what peoples personal experience with these strains was. :) 
  5. Have you tried
  6. Yeah i have :) I was just curious what just some of you guys personal experience were :) 
  7. IMO
    if they have the Real Deal Skunk #1

    Skunk #1 is the very first stabilized Dutch Hybrid strain produced, originally bred by the brilliance of a team of legendary breeders of the Sacred Seed Collective (Skunkman claims he created this all by himself, which I'm not even going to comment) let's just say he had some great assistance.)

    What's interesting is they labeled her as Sativa dominant, but the true cut is Indica dominant.... The breeders wanted a perfect balance of all capacities of cannabis, including the perfect terpene profile.

    She consists of the landrace varieties of Columbian x Mexican x Afghani
    Now, typically, THC levels fall below 20% ( about 17% average).... During this time, we were JUST learning how Terpenes effect Cannabinoids, particularly the Modulation of the Delta9 THC molecule.

    The Terp profile actually modulates the effects of THC, creating a more enjoyable high.
    *This applies to ALL strains, but Skunk 1 was the start of it all*

    Look for Skunk1's characteristics , big Calyx to leaf ratio, covered in trichomes.

    If it does not look like a bunch of calyxes (round pea shaped portions of the flower) it is either an imposter labeled Skunk1, or it was poorly grown)

    The fact that they label it Sativa Dominant raises questions.

    Good Luck, and let us know how it came out.

    Sorry about the novel, but I love talking cannabis, especially those rare, legendary strains
  8. I can agree that just because a dispensary labels it a sativa doesn't mean it is... I tend to find that clinics with a lot of OG crosses tend to have heavy sativa hybrids. But like the guy above said I guess it depends on which genetics. People think Green Crack is a sativa which usually it is but there's also a Green Crack indica dominant profile as well. Personally, I would go with Chocolate Thai because if it's legit Chocolate Thai, it'll for sure be a strong sativa.
  9. I always go by smell!
  10. If the Chocolate Thai is grown well, it's something I wouldn't pass on. Probably just Chocolope though. Regardless, trying more than one strain when I visit a dispensary is what I do. Usually pick up 1/8ths, but if money is limited, get a gram or two of each and then you can tell which one you like the most.
  11. ^^^
    This dude...I haven't seen a real Thai strain in 5+ years. Honestly I'd want to see all of them in person, rather than just relying on strain. But so far just from genetics, I'd pick Chocolate Thai (in my top 3 favorite strains of all time) then Skunk

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