Your opinion on the Volcano vaporizer?

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    I'll soon be writing an article reviewing the [ame=""]Volcano vaporizer[/ame] and I'm looking to hear some peoples' opinions on it. If you've used one or heard someone's experiences with it, what do you think? Is it as good a vaporizer as it claims to be? Does it break easily or burn your herb? Let me know what you think and I'll compile your opinions in a review.

  2. It's the best vaporizer for ballons but the Arizer Extreme 4.0 is better overall.
    The Volcano is a bit overpriced (in my oppinion) and you can't use whip mode or ellbow-packs which are better then the ballon mode. The Arizer has a remote controll aswell, more modes(ballon,whip, whip with fan on or ellbow packs) and the ballon mode isn't so bad as well compared to other vaporizers
    facit: if you are okay with filling up those bags all day which is only good for groups in my oppion the volcano is the way to go (and if you want to waste a lot of money for the name)
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    In my opinion, it is the best engineered, using the highest quality parts and built to higher tolerances and standards than any other vape that uses a bag delivery system on the market, and the price reflects that.

    Does that make it the best overall vaporizer on the market? No.
    Does that mean that the Volcano produces better vapor than other vapes that uses bags as a delivery system? No.

    Edit: I couldn't answer your poll because the question needs further qualification. How would I rate the Volcano against other bag vapes? I'd give it 4 stars. Would give it 5, but the price is a tad high. Or is the question, how would I rate the Volcano against all other vaporizers? If that was the question, it would be impossible to answer because bag vapes and whip vapes and direct draw vapes are totally different animals and can't be compared against each other in a good/better/best scenario.
  4. i truly enjoy when i get to use one of my 3 different friends volcanoes
  5. My boyfriend has a Volcano, and we both absolutely love it. We use it several times a day, and we've never had a problem with it. It's never burnt the herb, in fact, we save the used herb to make edibles which always come out amazingly. I've never used another vaporizer, and I don't think I'll ever want to.
  6. if you want a volcano get one, will not disappoint
  7. I've never actualy owned one, but I've used a friends numerous times. Its a fantastic vape. 5 stars for its efficiency and such. But, being that there are vapes for basically half the price that are just as good, I can't see that its worth it.

    Then again, just as with high end glass companies charging a little extra for the name, everyone will be impressed when they see a volcano on your coffee table.

  8. This is simply not true.

    It WILL disappoint if you want super thick, tasty bong like rips at medium vape temps.
    ....All bag vapes, including the 'Cano have a very high air to vapor ratio as compared to whip based vapes

    It WILL disappoint if you want to REALLY conserve your bud.
    ......There are other vapes on the market that are a lot more efficient.
  9. I have to give it 4 stars just because its so pricey, but its really the best out there. I have a SSV and a volcano, i use the SSV a lot more because its easier, but i still think the volcano is better because of the build quality.

    dont think its worth the price difference between the two, but whatever thats why its 4 stars
  10. I've had my Classic for about a year now using it heavily each day, not experienced any problems with it ever apart from a bit of resin build up...
    It has totally replaced smoking to the point that when i'm at home i'll only vape, it saves me so much money because of how well it conserves.
    I've owned an Iolite and MFLB and (I know this isn't the greatest comparison to draw but whatever) it towers over both in every respect in my opinion.
    It was worth every single penny that I spent on it, I love mine to bits!
  11. My friend has had one for over three years and he has dropped it, along with many dumb-asses at parties who have dropped the bags and the mouthpiece and it still runs. Other vapes can have glass parts which I have seen people who are not used to using them break the bowls. The volcano is great, I use a vapor Brothers anyway because the volcanoes are overpriced but hey if you have the money I would get one.
  12. Of course it does. The same thing can be said for just about EVERY legit home vape on the market when compared to ANY portable.

  13. please name / link examples

  14. And that's why I said it wasn't a good comparison to draw...
    But they're the only other vapes i've used regularly so I have to use them as my point of comparison.
  15. Ok.

    Regarding efficiency, the Purple Days and the MyrtleZap are more efficient. So is the LaunchBox. And the HerbalAire has got to be the most efficient bag vape on the market.

    Regarding the thickness of hits, it is common knowledge and common sense that dictates that ALL bag vapes will not only have a higher air to vapor ratio at any given temp than non-fan assisted whip vapes or direct draw vapes like the Purple Days or Myrtlezap, there is also more surface area on the inside of the bags for condensation to build up.

    And lastly, I can't begin to tell you how many times I have blown up a bag only to waste it because I just didn't want to finish it because I was already high enough. THAT is wasted vapor.
  16. volcano&bags ftw. The volcano has yet to disappoint me.
  17. Personally I wouldn't see this as a bad thing. Ganj is say 20% thc on average. Combusting it normally is inefficient so you're getting say, 20% efficiency on that 20% THC. Whereas a vaporizer might be providing 95% pure THC in the vapor. Bombarding your brain with massive bags which have lots of THC and little air can't really be healthy IMO.

    Also, I've vaped 0.05 - 0.1g in the volcano before and gotten pleasantly ripped. However I don't vape several times a day, everyday so tolerance isn't high. I've often had vapor thick enough to blow smoke rings on slightly larger amounts. Even in my iolite which can only fit 0.1g in the chamber, you can blow weak smoke rings. How thick does vapor need to be? THC dries out/irritates the throat so I'd rather have a bit more air mixed in with the vapor.

    Also, the mouthpiece on the extreme q is basically a whip (when even attached to the bags). I'm not really a fan of whips whereas the mouthpiece on the volcano is better I think. Prob 1 reason why most coffee-shops in 'Dam which had vapes when I last went had a volcano.
  18. My friend has one. I've used it a bunch of times at his house, but it cant replace my MFLB when we're out in town. Still, it does a bang up job and had I the money, I'm sure I'd get one as well. Expensive? Sure. But he has money to burn. (Had a jar with 3 oz on the table when I walked in last time. A friend with weed is better.)
  19. I never understood all the resentment towards Volcano all of these vaporizer fans and fuckcombustion kids have. Yes, the Volcano both analog and digit are over-price. Yes, they only use bags and do not provide the same effects as whips and such. But, that being said there is a reason Storz and Bickel have been producing the SAME 2 designs for over a decade now, it works damn well and is damn good. Either volcano will get you super stoned with either valve kit. The build quality, components, and QC S&B have made their name on in Germany far surpass the quality of any other vape out there. I have used many and fixed several, and I can tell you from experience the volcano is the easiest to service (though it almost never needs it) as it was designed to last a long time and come apart for the home user to service. Its not like Storz & Bickel even advertise much, they let their product do it for them.

    Now in conclusion, if you like bags, have some extra cash, and aren't trying to save your weed down to the .05gs go with the Volcano, if you think you want other options, just dont.

    I have owned my Classic for about 8 months now with both the EZ and Solid valve, I love it to death. Though not as portable as other vapes i think it suits me well, also volcano are great for road trips.

  20. Two comments. One, is that the demographic is older at FC than any other MJ site that I have ever visited, so to imply that they are mostly kids over there is not accurate. Secondly, I dont think that there is resentment for the 'Cano over there but rather an acknowledgment that there are other options that "may" be a better choice for those looking to purchase a vaporizer.

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