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Your opinion on resin hits?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xsaqzw, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Preface: So here I am tonight, dry with a resin covered pipe. I would go get some bud but none of my connects are picking up their phones at this time of night. I smoke every night before bed to relieve stress from the day and get me ready to go to sleep. At first I just accepted the fact that I'll go without it tonight, but when I tried to sleep I couldn't. I was just sitting in bed for two hours trying to sleep and deal with my RLS.

    I'm debating on just resin hitting my pipe with a jet lighter, but I've never done this before. I've heard my friends saying how it gets the hella high, even despite the nasty taste. I was just wondering what you blades opinion on resin hits were.

  2. Well, how big is your res'd pipe?

    If you think you'll have enough, perhaps try:

    1.Getting a ziplock bag, placing your glass in it, and covering the pipe with high % iso alc

    2. Shake the bag for 2 mintues, and let sit for 30

    3. remove peice, strain the iso

    4. put on plate, let iso evaporate, and enjoy your oil
  3. Yeah there would be enough for that but I have no iso alcohol.
  4. I like resin hits. My technique for resin hits is to simply heat the outside and bottom of the pipe with a lighter and wait for the resin to combust.
  5. go for it. it actually does do the trick, especially if you've smoked good shit out of your piece. i do it all the time when i'm dry.
  6. than the OP would have to wait 24 hours to smoke that resin.

    just get a paperclip and straighten it out as straight as posible and if you have pliers grab one end of the paperclip with the pliers at the tip and put a right angle bend, it works wonders gets your pipe as clean as rubbing alcohol its just not as fast. but yeah if your pipe is resonated enough scrape it than roll what you have into a ball and smoke it.
  7. Nasty. How can you bear that nasty taste in your mouth. Personal suggestion, keep your pipes clean for good flavor.
  8. wish i had four hands

    so i could give those resin hits four thumbs down!
  9. Resin is nasty.

    Consider yourself a crackhead if you go after scraping the 'tar' from your pipes to get a buzz.

  10. resin hits are gnasty as all hell, give me a head ache and feel like i literaly incinerated my lungs. besides, what you're smoking is trace amounts of THC caked in all the tars and resins and carcinogens that you DON'T want in your lungs.
  11. just res hit it, it's not complicated, i do it all the time, it just burns more, but you get huge hits without realizing it.
  12. #12 Muff420, Aug 18, 2008
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    if their are carcinogens than y has no one got cancer from smoking weed.

    Yes resin is not the best, but it is better than nothing. i was smoking resin yesterday and il be smoking some today and probably some tomorow if i still have some left
  13. Nobody?


    You know this for a fact?

  14. some pipes are "resin" pipes, in which the more they build up, they better they are. the resin acts as a catcher for ash, and other things as you smoke. so all in all not ALWAYS a good idea for some pipes

    haha amen dude. never have, never will. disgusting thought hah

    cannibanoids in the bud promote the growth of healthy cells, and destruction of abnormal cells (cancer) not all cancer can be "stopped" i guess
  15. True or not, you won't really be reaping any benefit of that if you're smoking resin or not vaping.

    I prefer smoking myself, because mainly I can't justify spending upwards to about $400 for a vaporizer.
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    if you want cancer truth look on you tube for the cure. good videos on how cannabis ( topical oils and other things) have stopped skin cancer, and other sorts of cancer. obviously nothing like brain cancer, but i dont know how far this " rabbit hole" goes.

    and im high as heaven.

    and yes, no resin smoking. thats the shit you cough up, and for good reason
  17. he is correct. that's why when you get your mmj card they only recommend edibles and vaporizers..
  18. He's a "crackhead" for trying to catch some sleep? Many every day smokers have a hard time sleeping when they're dry, I can only imagine how RLS makes it worse. He's not just trying to catch a buzz.


    And you don't have to spend over $400 for a good vaporizer, pretty much only the Volcano is that rediculously expensive.
  19. volcanos are now called fujis... or maybe its a new one thats exactly like it. anyway if i was gonna spenf 400 on a vape, it would be on the SSV. super nice, acts as an inscence burner, and gets hot in 30 seconds tops..

  20. Lol, get real. I don't care how fucking tired I am, I'm not going to smoke resin to get a shitty buzz to try and sleep with.

    Quit trying to defend smoking resin.

    Get some damn sleep aids if you're out of the real deal.


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