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Your opinion on hash...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kimborasta, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. a year of hardcore ganja inhaling, i actually got use to hash now. it doesnt hurt as much when i take it back... and i think it beats weed if price was considered.
    does anyone here prefer hash than weed?
  2. i do like hash every now and then, if it swings my way it's nice for a different high. or oil;)
  3. smoked hash for the first and only time a few weeks ago. i didn't like it at all, but then again it could have just been some really bad hash. i don't like how you have to keep a flame on it, makes for a hot bowl. hot bowls aren't good for smoking in the jacuzzi. and everytime i exhaled it tasted similar to exhaling tires. i like the ganja better, but if i can find some quality hash i'll give it another go. hash is so rare around here though.
  4. I just don't like the taste of it. Not my cup of tea.
  5. ya how much does it cost for hash i never bought it before but curious after hearing it gives a differnt high, whats it like?

  6. maybe the stuff you got wasn't very good. try it again!! i enjoy it. it's nice for something a bit different. but i always appreciate the familiarity of pot;)

  7. £40 an oz here.........this is an oz.......Peace out...........Sid

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  8. mmmmm looks good. i haven't had any hash in a long long time. probly yrs lol. sigh. i should get some today. a little shoppin spree for drugs lol. running low on pot and could use some hash;)
  9. its alot cheaper than weed.
    but as i said. i have hard time smoking it.
  10. what were you smoking J's?............i use the bong for hash, and pure weed for J's........Peace out.........Sid
  11. thats my favourite way too man. but i cant afford a bong.
    i bought one for a 10er once and i got mugged! :mad:
  12. an empty coke bottle, a pen and a 13mm bit for a ratchet and some duck tape and apple, a pen and some sort of bowl (13mm or any other you want), some water and duck tape.................a bud bottle, a cork, a small screwdriver, the inside of a bic pen, a small piece of hose, duck tape, and a small piece from the socket set...........theres lots of possibilities........Peace out..........Sid
  13. hash is nice-
    I prefer the bud though.
    I think hash is esspecially nice for growers. You know--grow the plant, keep the buds--and keep the leaves and then make the leaves into hash.

    So I think bud is better, but if your growing or have the extra $cash$ on hand then hash is great.

  14. hash oil sprinkled on joints :D

    Now that gets you high :smoke:
  15. Well it all depends on what type of hash your getting.

    Sid, that just looks like normal soapbar hash, which i get as well but once i got pollem in Spain and a few times over here some nice Thai stick weed, it was nice, very.

    Nice enough ounce though, £50 over here.

    But i personally don't mind hash since it's all we mainly smoke over here, sometimes it's harsh,sometimes it's not and it all depends on the way you smoke it, in a joint with tobacco it's fine, a nice smooth burning spliff :smoking:
    But in a bong can be harshish if your taking huge fuck off hits, you'll get used to it though.

    It's wierd the way people over the other side of the world who can get weed so much want hash so much, over here i want weed so much but can get loads of hash.

  16. i dunno?? ive heard the hash over there is pretty bad... full of motor oil and bees wax and such?? over here its amaaaaazing! just compressed weed crystals, i love it, but its rare. 15-20$ a gram normally.

    so maybe hash here is better than weed, and weed there is better than hash?
  17. i wish i could get some nice hash or even some really nice pollen here.....but alas, all we get is really fine does the trick though, so i can't really complain... though i could really go for a some nice hot knife hits, or even a couple binger's... :D

    an hey if your interested in it an have some time to spare.... Check out the book, Mr. Nice... it'll make ya think about some of that hash ya smoke, lol
  18. I love hash but I just can't afford it. $20 a gram, too much.
  19. i hear you only smoke a bit tho so its more economic overall for getting high

  20. omg i never actually expected that. its funny how price and rarity can vary in different places.
    in here you can get 6times high for hash than weed. thats how cheaper it is.

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